Job seeker says application said Indeed applications would be thrown out

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‘So why would you even post this on Indeed?’: Employer tells job seekers applications through Indeed ‘will be ignored’

‘They use it to get the advert noticed, but don’t want to pay Indeed for it’


Jack Alban


TikTok user @fifiandbogart expressed their frustration and bewilderment with companies who advertise job postings on Indeed but won’t accept applications via the website’s built-in job-seeking tools.

Anyone who has spent a considerable amount of time applying to multiple jobs knows how time-consuming it is to tailor their resume to a job and draft up a personalized cover letter.

Additionally, re-filling information that’s already present on one’s resume, or Indeed account, on an individual form can result in hours of job-seeking time, effectively turning one’s search for a job into a job itself.

TikToker @fifiandbogart wasn’t having it in her viral clip that’s accrued nearly 300,000 views as of Friday.

@fifiandbogart More bitching about jobs 😅 #JobHunt #JobSearch #Indeed ♬ original sound – Gamer Nerd

She begins, “See, this is exactly what I’m talking about. Some of these employers are getting so freaking condescending.”

The TikToker then reads out the sticking point she has with the job posting: “DO NOT APPLY ON INDEED OR YOUR APPLICATION WILL BE IGNORED.”

She then pans her camera to her computer browser’s URL bar to show the job posting was advertised on Indeed.

“Well, this is Indeed. So why would you even post this on Indeed if you’re so above it?” she says before the video ends.

Other commenters shared their gripes with recurring trends they’ve seen on the platform, like incorrectly identifying the nature of the jobs that they’re posting to the website.

“*Employer tags the position as remote* job description: THIS IS NOT A REMOTE POSITION,” one person wrote.

Another said, “A listing on indeed said ‘ONLY email resume’ then they didn’t put their email.”

One commenter said they had the opposite reaction from a company, which stated that they wouldn’t accept their printed-out resume. However, when they went to apply on Indeed to submit their resume electronically, they couldn’t find the posting for the position they were applying for.

Then there was the dreaded “double apply” method that many companies make job applicants endure—after inputting all of their information on a job website like Indeed, folks are then asked to key in all of that same data into another website’s system.

One commenter claimed that whenever they’ve come across an Indeed post from an employer that asks them to go out of their way to apply, they let the employer know exactly how they feel.

“I’ve actually started responding to some of these indeed things with ‘I’m applying to 20+ positions a day. I don’t have time for this,” they said.

“I’m not spending 30 minutes filling in my info just for them to ask for my resume on their own site,” another commenter echoed.

A number of social media users have gone viral airing their grievances with Indeed job posts in the past, like one user who said that a gig they found on the website ended up being a scam position that conned folks out of their money.

One user speculated the reasoning behind some employers’ outright refusal to accept Indeed job applications, writing, “They use it to get the advert noticed, but don’t want to pay Indeed for it.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Indeed via email and @fifiandbogart via TikTok comment.

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