Delivery driver throws food on the ground after customer left no tip.

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‘I would never pick up the order’: DoorDash driver throws food on the ground after customer left no tip. Was she tip-baited?

‘If u can’t afford to tip and pay DD fees then don’t order.’


Braden Bjella


A TikTok video showing a delivery driver throwing food onto the ground has gone viral while sparking discussion and debate.

In a clip with over 7 million views, TikTok user DashDrop (@dashdropfood) shows an alleged delivery driver approach a house. The video is captured by a Ring doorbell camera.

“Are you supposed to pay me?” the driver asks. 

“I paid you in the app,” the customer responds. 

After a little more discussion, the customer reveals that they did not leave a tip, then asks for their food. The driver responds by throwing their food to the side, telling them to “go get it.”

The customer then yells to their mom and complains about the driver’s actions.

@dashdropfood Wild! 🤯 #fyp #fooddelivery #gonewrong ♬ original sound – DashDrop

This video is a repost, with the earliest online version appearing to have been posted in December of last year by TikTok user Larry (@dirtybsstrd101) where they claimed the driver was from DoorDash.

However, if this video is genuine, it isn’t the first time something like this has been shared on the platform. 

One DoorDash driver showed themselves allegedly throwing a customer’s food on the floor before delivery and turning on the air conditioning to cool it down. Another claimed to have eaten a customer’s order after they did not tip and showed rude behavior on the app. A further TikToker showed a Dasher throwing food onto a customer’s porch.

Some customers are aware of the treatment of untipped orders, or the idea that many simply go undelivered, and have begun a practice known as “tip baiting.”

This is where someone places an order with a tip, but while the order is in progress, they change the tip to be less than what the Dasher expected. 

On the video posted by DashDrop, users came out on both sides of the tipping issue in the comments section.

Some said the Dasher’s attitude was understandable, as many drivers rely on tips to make up much of their daily income.

“You SHOULD tip or go pick it up yourself! Period!” a commenter exclaimed.

“If u can’t afford to tip and pay DD fees then don’t order it,” another echoed. “I don’t. I go pick it up if I want it.”

“Not tipping is still crazy though…. They only get a percent of the delivery fee and the tip plays a big part,” stated a third.

However, others countered that tipping is supposed to be optional.

“I dont get the whole american tipping thing. r u obligated to tip?” a user asked. “Like dont ur employers pay u.”

“Why are people acting so entitled in the comments like ppl r obligated to tip?” questioned another. “Its just a nice thing to do it’s not required.”

“I do DoorDash and you don’t have to tip. Door dash already pays a percentage… it’s nice if you do tho,” offered a further TikToker. “I still deliver if no tip.”

The Daily Dot reached out to DoorDash via email, and Larry and DashDrop via TikTok comment.

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