DoorDash driver on security camera footage throwing DoorDash order (l) DoorDash app on phone in hand (c) DoorDash driver on security camera footage throwing DoorDash order (r)

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‘There has to be more to this story’: Viewers defend DoorDash driver who throws Dairy Queen delivery on customer’s porch

‘People really don’t read delivery notes.’


Phil West


A DoorDasher, apparently frustrated with a hard-to-find address, threw the bag of food on the customer’s front porch and swore audibly as he left. But the scene, captured on a Blink camera and shared online, led some to side with the driver.

The TikTok video documenting the incident comes from creator Maria Isabella (@mariathefriendlywitch), and it has garnered more than 195,000 views since going up on the platform Wednesday.

“Look at this freak,” Maria says as she shows, several times on a loop, a disgruntled DoorDasher yelling, “F*ck you” as he flings a Dairy Queen order toward the steps.

She notes, “I even tipped him.” Though she did state in the caption that the tip was refunded to her from DoorDash after she witnessed the driver’s behavior.

@mariathefriendlywitch luckily I got a refund tip included #fyp #foryourpage #foryou #foryoupage #doordash #loseyourjob ♬ original sound – Maria Isabella

Maria theorized that the driver was angry about how difficult it is to find her house using Google navigation, but said she tried to anticipate that by typing instructions on “what to look for” in the delivery notes.

“When I came out,” she reports, “he was speeding away… Dude, it’s not my fault you can’t read.”

She adds, “He was trying to tell me to fix my address. I don’t control Google!”

Though commenters noted frustration over finding delivery addresses was warranted, they differed on how the frustration should be expressed.

“As someone that does deliveries, yes. I get frustrated when maps doesn’t give me the correct address, but I never take it out on customers,” one noted.

Another, though, found the customer condescending, stating, “How dare you insult him that he cant read.”

Someone opined, “There has to be more to this story. Someone doesn’t get that mad over directions/text messages.”

An additional commenter noted, “People really don’t read delivery notes. guys with my couch missed snacks and a cash tip left at my side door because they piled it all out front.”

And one observed, probably not meaning this as a compliment, “That guy reminds me of my ex.”

Someone else advised, “You can request on Google to fix your address location. By sending feedback / contributing to the map.”

Maria replied, “we have soooo many times. sometimes it’s right sometimes it’s not idk.”

Yet another commenter had a tip. “Guys, on doordash there is a way to set your exact ping,” they said. “Now, it might not give the driver the exact way to get to you, but it does help!”

One viewer was worried about the state of Maria’s order, remarking, “Part of me would still want to eat the food but if he was that mad I wouldn’t trust he didnt mess with it. sorry that happened.”

The creator noted, “It was sealed but my blizzard popped open.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Maria via TikTok comment.

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