Customer shows local Dairy Queen store plastered with rules

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‘Is this location owned and operated by Miss Dairy Queen herself???’: Customer shows local Dairy Queen store plastered with rules

'What the hell are people doing in here on daily basis that made them do this??'


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Posted on Jul 4, 2023   Updated on Jul 4, 2023, 9:56 am CDT

Different business owners, even if they’re operating a well-known franchise, tend to operate their respective companies differently.

For instance, if you’ve ever visited the McDonald’s with a Playplace, or one with an active Nintendo 64 game station, then you’ll be very aware of this disparity in operational procedures.

There are some franchise owners of popular chains, however, who seem a bit less concerned with making sure kids have the best time of their lives and setting a ridiculously high “fun” standard other franchise owners would have a difficult time living up to, and more with making sure every paying customer is made well aware of the rules of their establishment.

Something that a TikToker named Danni (@dtaack) highlighted during a recent visit she made to a Dairy Queen that appears to be run by someone with an affinity for signage. Particularly, signage that clearly instructs customers on how management expects them to behave in their restaurant.

The video begins with Danni looking into the camera. A text overlay in the clip reads: “The owner of this Dairy Queen seems super chill am i right??? I’m just trying to enjoy my Blizzard buddy”

@dtaack Is this location owned and operated by Miss Dairy Queen herself??? #dairyqueen #chill #unhinged #comedy #icecream ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

She contorts her face into the camera before it transitions to an image of a rule plastered on a table that reads: “This table is for customers ONLY.” There’s then a smash cut to yet another sign, which reads: “PLEASE DO NOT STAND BY THIS AREA KINDLY WAIT AT YOUR SEAT OR DESIGNATED WAITING SPOTS. THANK YOU”

The video then transitions to footage of the soda fountain machine at this particular DQ location. The signage of that reads: “Only paid DQ cups are allowed to fill/refill Pop at this station. Otherwise, it’s considered crime! Thank you”

The last signs in the store are placed on a red-painted wall of the store that reads: “Keep your feet off the chair and bench. Thank you!” followed by a second that says: “No outside food allowed No Loitering Thank you!”

Danni jokingly asked in a caption for the video: “Is this location owned and operated by Miss Dairy Queen herself???”

One commenter seemed to understand where the DQ owner was coming from: “Honestly tho have you ever had to work with the general public?? They’re not very bright,” one person wrote. However, Danni said that she’s worked with “customer service for the last 14 years” while adding that she was joking in the clip.

Another person penned: “It’s like this DQ doesn’t even want customers,” to which Danni remarked that when she was there, she “actually kinda wanted to leave.”

There was one TikToker who said that the Dairy Queen next to their high school sported a similar number of signs decking its halls: “The DQ near my high school was like this and every employee always looked distressed,” they said.

And judging from this comment penned by another TikTok user, it seems that signage like this was par the course for Dairy Queen frequented by high school students: “All of the fast food places by my old high school were like this poor employees”

“If there is a high school close by .. I totally understand…” someone else said.

Danni wondered what circumstances led to the owner putting up as many signs as they did: “Like can you RELAX???? What the hell are people doing in here on daily basis that made them do this??”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Dairy Queen via email and Danni via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Jul 4, 2023, 9:52 am CDT