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‘I done ate half’: Customer bites into Checker’s burger in the dark. She doesn’t see what’s inside

‘This happened to me at iHop. I didn’t eat a burger for a year.’


Brooke Sjoberg


Biting into a sandwich can be a toss-up as far as results—sometimes the mix of ingredients is not quite right, or there is an unexpected texture that might put one off their meal altogether.

Rarely does one expect to bite into raw meat, much less eat half of their sandwich before learning that they are chowing down on a raw patty.

In a video that has drawn over half a million views on TikTok, user @mortyslutdragon says she ordered a chicken sandwich from fast food restaurant Checkers and was eating it in the dark before she realized the texture was off.

“Y’all I been sitting here… I’ve been sitting here, peacefully in the dark, eating this burger from Checkers,” she says in the video. “Y’all, it wasn’t tasting right, like the texture … something told me to cut the light on. Y’all, I done ate half of this.”

In the video, she shows the dark pink of the undercooked poultry in her sandwich.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @mortyslutdragon via TikTok direct message regarding the video, as well as to Checkers via contact form.

Several viewers encouraged her to make the situation work in her favor, from getting time off work to recover to potentially seeking legal action against the restaurant.

“Welp you got proof that you can’t go into work,” one commenter wrote.

“Girl if u don’t collect a check from that company,” another suggested.

“Straight to the hospital..get documentation…pictures..call the lawyer …and then remember me when u get that settlement,” a further user added.


i bet i wont go to checkers ANYMORE 😭

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Others shared that they had similarly received undercooked food from fast-food restaurants.

“This happened to me at popeyes im a texture person so i noticed first bite cuz it literally felt like i bit somebody,” one viewer wrote. “I flew in that mf like flash.”

“I worked as a cashier at Del Taco when I was 18 and the cook did this with the chicken burrito,” another commented.

“That happen to me at Wendy’s I went back so fast,” a further user said. “I ain’t want my money back nothing. I just spazzed out and walked out!”

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