Customer accuses Chipotle of skimping on online orders

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‘Why are you rationing me?’: Customer accuses Chipotle of skimping on online orders

'I would never order Chipotle for pickup or delivery. I need to see them making it.'


Jack Alban


Posted on May 13, 2023

Recently, customers have been getting fed up with fast-food chains and many of these criticisms appear to be linked to America’s inflation crisis, which has seen the cost of many goods, including food, spike the worst they ever have in the nation’s 40-year history.

One restaurant franchise that arguably gets the most hate of them all is Chipotle. The company, which has seen record profits in March 2023, is constantly lambasted for skimping on portions or replacing patrons’ orders with entirely different meals. They are also accused of sometimes leaving out integral ingredients or just tossing a bunch of random foods together while still charging buyers full price.

The chain has also been slammed for being too expensive given the amount and quality of food that they offer.

Yet another Chipotle customer is slamming the business for a practice others have accused it of doing: skimping on portions for online and delivery orders.

A TikToker named Fannita (@fannita) says that in every instance she places an order with Chipotle through DoorDash, she almost always receives less food compared to when she goes into a location herself.


They got my bowl on weight watchers 😭

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“Have me thinking my DoorDash driver done got him a bite and taste testing my shit,” she says in the clip. “They be skimping the fuck out of you.”

Fannita says how you “gotta be in their face” watching them to make sure the workers don’t skimp on portions.

“‘Cause when you watch ’em do it that shit be bustin’ out of the frame,” she claims. “You can have enough Chipotle for two days.”

She continues how whenever her order is on the smaller side, she begins to question the franchise’s profitability.

“I’m starting to think y’all going through financial struggles that the public don’t know about,” she says. “Like, why are you rationing me? This shit was $15 where, where why did you give me a teaspoon of sour cream? Stop pissing me off.”

One commenter agreed with her statement, writing, “No they CANT go unsupervised,” and another remarked, “Na. Cause Chipotle fr outta line with they portions.”

Someone else speculated that the brand will also go out of its way to give customers inferior ingredients with its online orders.

“The rice is also SO much worse for some reason,” a user claimed. Another use said they’ve learned to never have their Chipotle delivered to them.

“I would never order Chipotle for pickup or delivery,” they wrote. “I need to see them making it.”

TikTok isn’t the only place where Chipotle customers are airing their gripes about the chain when it comes to online ordering. A Redditor seems to have had the same experiences as Fannita when it comes to booking their meals via the web.

User @LawngClaw17 wrote, “I notice that when I order online for pickup or delivery, I get significantly less food in my bowl than when I go down the assembly line to order. Sometimes I’ll get my food and a bowl will be half empty.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Chipotle and Fannita via email.

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*First Published: May 13, 2023, 10:08 am CDT