Costco customer with cart with caption 'When the Costco worker is in a hurry' (l) Costco worker checking receipt with pen with Costco logo at the bottom (c) gas station receipt in hand in front of open trunk (r)

@ln1800/TikTok Costco Wholesale/Wikimedia Commons Remix by Caterina Cox

‘I didn’t even show him the real receipt. I just showed him this gas receipt’: Costco shopper calls out worker for not checking receipt

‘You know you can’t read that fast, man.’


Beau Paul


Whoops. It appears that the receipt checker at your local Costco might be scanning things a bit too fast. A new TikTok with over 27,000 views seems to show one of the big box stores’ front door security checkers scanning over one customer’s receipt at apparent light speed.

@ln1800 I found a glitch in the system try and let me know if it works for you #fyp #viral #bayarea ♬ Calm background music with acoustic guitar and saxophone(1288148) – ame

In the video, posted three days ago by user LN1800 (@ln1800), a Costco worker is shown marking off items on the customer’s receipt, faster than anybody could possibly read off the items on it.

“You know you can’t read that fast, man,” the customer tells the checker.

The camera cuts to the customer loading the purchases into his car with a receipt in his hand. He tells his viewers, “Boy, I didn’t even show him the real receipt. I just showed him this gas receipt. I got all this food,” he says, displaying a car trunk filled with boxes of food and drink.

The video garnered a variety of responses, with many viewers noticing that some of the facts weren’t quite lining up.

“U can see the receipt says Costco in the first clip,” one user pointed out.

“How come the first receipt says “COSTCO” ontop,” asked another.

Indeed, a quick check of the video reveals that the receipt seen in the first half of the video has a conspicuous Costco logo on top—one that does not appear on the receipt that the creator shows the camera. But there’s another bigger tell.

“Ain’t even got the marker on it,” someone pointed out, referring to the Costco worker in the video who is clearly seen making two red checks on the receipt he is presented with. But the second video the creator shows the camera has no marks.

Another viewer wrote, “Cap. Where the two red marks on the top of the receipt at then. Ppl do anything for likes.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator for further information.

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