Chipotle workers use Google Translate to talk sh*t about their manager

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‘Manager hate could unite us all’: Chipotle workers use Google Translate to talk sh*t about their manager

'The chisme knows no barriers.'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Jun 27, 2023

A Chipotle worker shared how he and his co-worker, who don’t speak the same language, use the power of technology to talk smack about their boss.

The Chipotle worker (@notchipotlejohnscreek) appears to film the video while on the job, still decked out in his Chipotle-branded T-shirt and black apron. At the beginning of the clip, the worker uses hand gestures to imitate how he’d gossip with his coworker if they could communicate in the same language.

The next part of the video jumps to his co-worker, whose name is Rosselleyne, according to the video’s caption, listening to the translated message on her phone. According to the creator’s reply in the comment section, it appears Rosselleyne’s native language is Spanish.

@notchipotlejohnscreek Rosselleyne says she hates you **** #fyp #foryoupage #chipotle ♬ original sound – Benji

“Me and my coworker that doesn’t speak English talking sh*t about our manager via her translator,” the text overlay on the video reads.

A Forbes article revealed some damning statistics about the relationship bosses have with the people they manage. According to the report, a whopping 58% of people shared that they’d trust a stranger over their boss. And while most employees said that feeling appreciated would play a major factor in their happiness at work, nearly 80% of people who quit their job said it’s because of a “lack of appreciation.”

The video has more than 620,000 views and nearly 250 comments.

“Rosselleyne says she hates you,” the caption reads, referring to how the Chipotle worker feels about her manager.

Commenters were largely supportive of how the Chipotle workers have put in the extra effort to bond over their commonality, despite the language barrier.

“The chisme knows no barriers,” the most popular comment read. (Chisme, is the Spanish word for gossip.)

Others shared that they’ve had similar experiences.

“They gave me no choice but to learn, the chisme was too spicy,” a person said.

“Me and the Mexican cleaning lady do the same about the family I nanny for our bond is UNMATCHED,” another wrote.

“Gossip has taught me more than years in a language classroom,” a commenter shared.

Another viewer pointed out that the workers should be careful about posting this type of content and sentiment online. “Y’all better pray corporate doesn’t see this,” the person wrote.

To which the worker responded, saying it doesn’t matter much to him since he’s planning on quitting his job within the next two months anyway.

The Daily Dot reached out to @notchipotlejohnscreek via TikTok comment and to Chipotle via email.

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*First Published: Jun 27, 2023, 10:13 am CDT