Chipotle customer asks for extra salsa, gets bamboozled

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‘Where is this generosity with the MEATTT’: Chipotle customer asks for extra salsa, gets bamboozled

‘When will I learn Chipotle is not the move anymore?’


Jack Alban


Be careful what you wish for.

A TikToker named Aly (@xyzaly) learned this the hard way on a recent visit to Chipotle, where the definition of “extra” varies from person to person.

In a viral clip that’s accrued over 4.5 million views as of Saturday, she documented either one of two things: 1. The importance of perhaps using more specific terminology when ordering or 2. An employee who decided to mess with a customer in the hopes of possibly seeing their handiwork pop up on social media.

“Chipotle count your days !!!!!!!!! I said extra salsa not a whole a** salsa bowl omg what is this I took out like 6 spoonfuls,” she wrote in a text overlay of the video.

“When will i learn [Chipotle] is not the move anymore @Chipotle,” the caption read.

“YES I PAID THIS IS NOT THE THIEF BOWL LMAO i got my receipt yall,” she added, seemingly referencing a TikTok where workers tried to “get back” at mobile order thieves by making a fake bowl filled with salsa.

@xyzalyy When will i learn chopotle is not the move anymore 😭😭😭 @Chipotle ♬ original sound – Bob Velseb

The “thief meal” appears to be a response to what some are calling a widespread theft of mobile orders from the popular Mexican-style chain. Mobile order racks are sometimes jokingly referred to as the “free food shelf” by some.

When asking for ‘extra’ goes wrong

Aly isn’t alone in her fast food inundation woes: A Raising Cane’s customer experienced first hand how much sauce a “large” condiment order comes with. And then there was a Starbucks customer who may have had to get their blood sugar levels assessed after requesting extra caramel in one of their beverages.

Many TikTokers who responded to Aly’s video seemingly found delight in her salsa bath of a dish.

“I knew it wasn’t the thief bowl cause atleast theirs had lettuce,” one person wrote.

Another user on the app said that her issue was a consequence of not placing an order in person.

“I refuse to do anything else but order in person w chipotle,” they said.

Aly said that she didn’t order through DoorDash but placed it through Chipotle’s mobile app.

“Jail time for them pls,” she said in a comment. “I ordered on the APP and I know that was my first mistake but I was just tryna pick up and goooo.”

Aly’s dissatisfied Chipotle order is one of many currently plaguing TikTok, where several customers have started a sort of “boycott” to let the chain know they are unhappy with its minuscule portion sizes.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Chipotle via email and Aly via TikTok comment for further information.

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