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‘You have it in front of you’: Carbon Health customer says doctor refused to release the results of her flu test. She was shocked to find out why

'That’s literally a hipaa violation, you are entitled you view your own medical records and even request changes!'


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Posted on Dec 6, 2023   Updated on Dec 6, 2023, 12:49 pm CST

A Carbon Health customer posted a viral video to TikTok, saying her doctor refused to release the results of her flu test. 

Danielle (@danielledallasroosa) has reached over 616,000 views and 57,000 likes on her video by Wednesday. Viewers say they’ve experienced similar problems at Carbon Health.

At the start of her video, Danielle said she was sharing her story because “this is what it’s like to be a patient in America’s health care.”

Danielle explained that she had previously been attending the same urgent care she liked and trusted for years until she heard of Carbon Health. “They’re supposed to be top of the line; they listen to their patients; it’s great. Like, I’m sure you’ve seen the ads,” she said.

After Carbon Health accepted her insurance, Danielle decided to try it out.

Her symptoms were a bad cough, fever, and lost voice. Danielle believed she didn’t have COVID at the time because she just had it a month prior.

“I wanna know what I have. I’m just somebody who wants to know what I’m sick with. I don’t think it’s like a crazy, crazy thing,” she explained.

Next, Danielle discovered Carbon Health takes same-day appointments and decided to go in since she began having body aches. Despite her doctor being an hour late to her appointment, she brushed it off since it’s an urgent care center, and she chose a same-day appointment.

Upon the doctor’s arrival, Danielle relayed her symptoms, to which the doctor immediately responded, “Oh, you have COVID.”

To this, Danielle replied, “Well, maybe, but it feels more like the flu.” The doctor continued to insist it was COVID and said she was going to order a COVID-19 antigen test. 

“OK, great, can we also do a flu test?” Danielle recalled asking. She also said she mentioned the RSV test.

She told her audience to keep in mind that the following day, she was supposed to go wedding dress shopping with her maid of honor. “I don’t wanna be sick. I hate being sick,” she explained.

“I’m obviously not going, clearly, but I don’t know. I just wanted to know,” she added. 

So, Danielle asked her doctor if she could be treated with Tamiflu. “If it’s the flu or something, can I get on Tamiflu? I just don’t wanna be sick anymore,” she asked. 

Danielle said the doctor told her taking Tamiflu would “rebound.”

“OK, well, I can just test?” Danielle asked again.

Finally, the doctor agreed and told Danielle she could run a COVID test, flu test, and RSV test.

Once the nurse came in to take Danielle’s nose-swab test, she only swabbed once. 

“Oh, that’s cool,” Danielle said. “I didn’t know that you could do one test for all of them now.”

The nurse told Danielle, “No, we actually don’t have the flu test here.”

Surprised, she decided to just wait for her results. The COVID test came back negative.

Danielle went home but was still wondering what she was sick with. “I just wanna know, and you know what? That’s my right. You may not agree with me, but guess what? I wanna know what’s going on in my body,” she said. 

She added that she had gotten her flu shot this year, so she wanted to know if she needed to get the flu shot anymore. 

“Idk,” she added. “Maybe that’s stupid. I have a fever right now; I don’t know.”

Next, she decided to get a flu test at a different Carbon Health location in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, since it was close to her.

Once home from her test, she received a call from the Sherman Oaks location. Danielle learned that they called the doctor from the first Carbon Health location she visited in North Hollywood, Los Angeles. Sherman Oaks said the North Hollywood doctor “never ordered” the test. 

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Sherman Oaks also said the North Hollywood doctor “was confused as to why you were asking for Tamiflu.” Then, they told her that the North Hollywood doctor discarded the test, so they could not give her the results.

Danielle explained that she had asked about Tamiflu because she had taken it before when she had the flu. Nevertheless, the representative on the phone said that the only way to find out if she had the flu was to redo the entire process.

Annoyed, Danielle called the North Hollywood Carbon Health back. She received no answer. Danielle then decided to call the Sherman Oaks location again. 

“Someone’s ego is hurt because she thought that I went around her to try and figure out if I had the flu?” Danielle asked the audience, “I feel like this is a really vindictive thing.”

Danielle said she was in a situation where no one would talk to her besides the front desk representative at the Sherman Oaks location. “I’m crying to her because I just don’t feel good, and I just wanna know if I have the freakin’ flu,” she added.

Danielle called corporate and explained what had happened. She said she was talking in tears because no one would help her.

The man with corporate asked Danielle to “calm down,” and she responded, “I’m gonna need you to think about that.”

“That is very disrespectful,” she added.

Before ending her video, Danielle said, “No one gives a sh*t about patients at Carbon Health. Do not go there.” 

A viewer in the comments section left a comment explaining a similar experience. “A Carbon Health nurse weighed me and then said, ‘wait, what did the scale say? You don’t look like you weight _lbs?’ I was like… thanks?”

“I corrected a doctor on something that was in my chart. He wrote I was schizophrenic. A gastroenterologist,” another said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Danielle and Carbon Health via email. 

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*First Published: Dec 6, 2023, 7:30 pm CST