Expert reveals how to get Apple to stop randomly charging you for non-existent purchases

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‘Subscriptions I never even approved’: Expert reveals how to stop Apple from randomly charging you for services you don’t use

‘I been cancelled my subscriptions and their still trying to take money.’


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In recent years, an increasing number of companies have moved from a one-time purchase model to a subscription model. 

This has had mixed success. While companies like Adobe have seen record profits thanks in part to their switch to a subscription model for their software, some customers are reporting “subscription fatigue”—a phenomenon in which people claim to be overwhelmed, both mentally and financially, by the amount of subscriptions they have in their everyday lives.

For example, one customer claimed she discovered she was being charged $90 per month for a service she did not use. Another called out sites that require purchasing a subscription to utilize their basic functionality. 

Seeing this, some may wonder how to cancel their many subscriptions, or at the very least, how to see why they are being charged every month. Now, a user on TikTok has offered information on how to do just that.

How to cancel your monthly charges on iPhone

In a video with over 2.6 million views as of Sunday, TikTok user Marvelle Reed (@marketingmarvy) explains how one can see exactly where their monthly charges are coming from.

According to Reed, one must first go to the settings on their device and click on their profile, which is at the top of the settings menu. Then, they must go to “Media and Purchases.” From there, they can select “View Account.” Once that screen pops up, the user must scroll down to “Purchase History.” This will display all the charges and the specific details about each charge.

After reviewing the purchase history, a user must navigate to “Subscriptions,” which is located just above the purchase history. Here, one can cancel any subscriptions that are no longer needed or desired, or that the user doesn’t remember signing up for in the first place. 

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Commenters share their thoughts

In the comments section, many users claimed that this alone was not enough to stop the charges.

“I been cancelled my subscriptions and their still trying to take money,” a user wrote.

“Doesn’t matter. There is no subs and they still trying to take money out,” echoed another.

“It’s been 4 months and they’re still trying to charge me… everyday at that,” offered a third.

In response, Reed advised calling Apple Support to resolve any issues.

The Daily Dot reached out to Apple and Reed via email.

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