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‘This is some real embarrassing sh*t’: Burger King worker rescinds 2-week notice after getting fired from other job

'Time To Take My Two Week Notice Back'


Vladimir Supica


Posted on Jun 4, 2023

We’ve all said things we don’t mean in the moment—only to suck it up and take it back after looking ridiculous.

Recently, a Burger King employee posted a short, comedic TikTok that perfectly encapsulated these awkward life lessons that the universe seems to regularly play on us.

The video, a mere 5 seconds in length, features the TikToker Allen Picazo (@_picazo_15) standing in front of a Burger King, lip-syncing to a quote from none other than Kim Kardashian. 

The quote, “This is some real embarrassing sh*t and I need to deal with it, and I will deal with it,” is accompanied by the overlay text which gives more context to the predicament the TikToker has found himself in.

@_picazo_15 Time To Take My Two Week Notice Back #twoweeksnotice #termination #burgerking #burgerkingguy #fired #terminated #jobsearch #burger ♬ original sound – Kardash Kingdom

Reportedly, the TikToker had recently put in their two-week notice at their current job, intending to leave. However, they were unexpectedly fired from their other job. As a result, they found themselves in an embarrassing situation where they needed to rescind their two-week notice at Burger King and continue working there.

The overlay text reads: “POV: When you put in your two weeks and was fired from your other job, so you take your two weeks back.”

Posted on June 2, the TikTok has so far garnered 2,142 views.

Burger King has become a notable topic of discussion on TikTok, as users continue to share a range of content related to the popular fast food chain. Recent viral TikToks have highlighted different aspects of the Burger King experience.

For instance, one user garnered attention by alleging they were scammed out of $25 while attempting to pay for a meal. In another instance, a TikToker went viral after showcasing a special Burger King PR package received for a food review.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Allen Picazo via Instagram direct messages for comment.


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*First Published: Jun 4, 2023, 8:48 pm CDT