Customer finds Burger King workers handling oven that caught fire

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‘The one with the extinguisher ran’: Customer finds Burger King workers handling oven that caught fire

'Now THAT'S flame-broiled.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Apr 30, 2023

Roughly 5,900 restaurant fires are reported each year according to FEMA, but it can be assumed that this isn’t a figure truly representative of all the fires that occur in restaurant kitchens that are ultimately quelled by staff.

A TikToker just so happened to be waiting in line at a Burger King location when they captured footage of a fire that broke out in what appears to be a kitchen appliance. They watched several workers attempt to put it out.

The manner in which the fast-food employees attempted to douse the flames, however, came under criticism from TikTokers. The one receiving the heaviest criticism appears to be one of the workers who ran away from the scene, despite holding a fire extinguisher to put it out.

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Uploaded by Tulsa, Oklahoma-based TikTok user @imheartsforu, the clip shows employees gathering around the flames in the kitchen. One male worker begins extricating what appears to be trays away from the flames as one woman holding a phone moves away from the fire. Another female Burger King employee holding the extinguisher backs up once the male employee opens the oven door.

One commenter couldn’t believe the woman holding the extinguisher didn’t use it immediately, writing, “How has no one mentioned the girl holding the fire extinguisher yet.” Another simply stated, “The one with the extinguisher ran.”

Several people jokingly referenced Burger King’s “flame-broiled” burger motto. One user said, “Flame grilled , nice , was thinking that was only a slogan , but no that’s how they do it !!!!” Someone else commented, “Now THATS flame broiled.”

Others were shocked that the workers didn’t follow proper protocol in dealing with the appliance fire, like this TikToker who said, “Need first to turn off the valves.”

According to Oven Master, if a fire breaks out inside an oven, it’s recommended that folks keep the door to the oven closed. Then, turning off the source of heat to the oven, from either any easily accessible front knobs/buttons on the appliance or the main valve itself, is recommended. In many instances, the fire should go out on its own if it’s contained in the oven and the heating source has been disabled.

The outlet goes on to list several ways that oven fires are started—remnants of food/improperly cleaned ovens, as well as meals being left unattended in said ovens. Foods that “spatter” and are left uncovered could lend themselves to catching aflame, as well as not putting a large enough tray under the items you’re preparing.

The Daily Dot reached out to @imheartsforu via TikTok comment and Burger King via email.

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*First Published: Apr 30, 2023, 12:43 pm CDT