Bartender shares how she tricks customers


‘She can’t taste the Tito’s in her drink and wants me to add more?’: Bartender shares how she tricks picky customers

‘She wants me to put something in her dirty Martini because it tastes like alcohol?’


Tiffanie Drayton


Posted on May 2, 2023

There’s a fine line between providing excellent service and allowing customers to take advantage, especially for service industry workers. But recently, one bartender took to TikTok to show off tricks that help her straddle that line like a pro.

In her nearly two-minute clip, @yankees_princess showed viewers a series of common challenges she’s faced with customers and the hacks she’s employed to make them happy without compromising her job. As of Tuesday morning, her video had amassed over 423,200 views.

@yankees_princess Every restaurant has this service bartender or have worked with them at some point. And the servers too. #restaurantlife #restaurant #bartender #server #pov #reallife ♬ original sound – Official Yankees Princess

“She can’t taste the Tito’s in her drink and wants me to add more?” she questioned. “Well bring it in.” (@yankees_princess implied that this conundrum arises when customers don’t want to pay for an additional shot). 

To appease the customer, however, she poured a tiny bit of alcohol into the drink’s straw.

“There, tell her to take a nice chug,” she said, while handing the drink back to her imaginary server. “She’ll love it.”

@yankees_princess went on to share a number of additional issues bartenders run into on the job—and hacks for solving them. For example, she stirred a beer that had been sitting for too long to help it get foamy again. She also instructed a server to mix Sprite with “a splash of Coke” versus giving a customer Ginger Ale, which @yankees_princess said is the “biggest pain in the ass to pour.” 

To be sure, @yankees_princess also acknowledged that some problems can only be settled by someone with more authority. 

“She wants me to put something in her dirty Martini because it tastes like alcohol?” she asked incredulously. “Go get the manager!”

And, she said, there are certain requests that she simply isn’t willing to give into.

“Table 23 wants me to change the game?” she questioned. “Yeah, I put it on.”

When she realized the table wanted her to put the game on another screen, she finally had enough. “Fuck outta here,” she said.

Users in the comments section were torn between criticizing the bartender and celebrating her ingenuity.

“Bad bartender,” one user declared.

“HACKS!!” wrote another. “Love it!” 

“You made a video of me, how sweet of you,” a third commenter wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @yankees_princess via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: May 2, 2023, 8:02 am CDT