Bank teller explains why they are unhappy working at the bank; Handing money to bank teller

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‘I don’t really give a crap if you get scammed’: Bank teller says she’s mentally and verbally abused ‘every single day’ by customers

‘It should be required for everyone to work in customer service at least once to feel the pain.’


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Truly, every job has its problems. Some have more, and folks with those jobs often share their gripes with bosses, customers, clients, and co-workers on TikTok.

One banker says her customers regularly abuse her in multiple ways for trying to help them with their transactions. Posted by user @financialteller, she says the treatment she receives from customers is often the reason for any unhappiness or annoyance in the face of a bank teller.

“Have you ever wondered why people who work at the bank look so unhappy or always annoyed?” she says in the video. “Because we f*cking are. Before any of you haters come at me saying, ‘Try working outside, try doing this, try doing that,’ try being mentally or verbally and emotionally abused every single day by people you’re just trying to help.”

She says customers are frequently rude and unkind when depositing or withdrawing large amounts of money from their accounts and are asked required questions, but change their whole attitude when they are scammed or have a fraudulent activity that they need a banker’s help to fix.

“If I’m being honest, I genuinely—for the majority of the people out there—I don’t really give a crap if you get scammed. Now, if you’re my elderly customer, or you’re like a sweet young naive person then I care. But if you’re that freaking rude, Karen or Bill, that is such a jerk, I really don’t care and I hope you get scammed,” she rants. “If I hear one more of you mother effers say it’s not the bank’s money it’s our money, well it sure is the bank’s problem whenever you get scammed or you have fraud in your account, or someone does something to you. Then that is the bank’s problem and you want us to help you.”

Previously, the poster drew attention online when she warned viewers about working in a bank, calling it a toxic work environment.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @financialteller via Instagram direct message regarding the video.

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Some viewers shared that they experienced similar customer interactions in their work as bank employees.

“The abuse from customers is a real thing,” one commenter wrote. “It’s terrible!”

“I work at a call center for a bank for almost 4 years now and I just got off the main phone line,” another user said. “I don’t know that I have ever felt that much relief.”

“I actually started out as a teller in a large bank institution,” one viewer wrote. “I’m a personal banker now and this I can say firsthand is so true. Customers abuse us.”

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