Woman issues warning for drivers who use toll roads

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‘I’ve been putting off paying my tolls’: Woman issues warning for drivers who use toll roads after harrowing experience

'As someone who processes toll payments for a living, it is VERY serious.'


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Posted on Apr 29, 2024   Updated on Apr 29, 2024, 8:15 am CDT

Toll roads are roads that people pay to use to get to their destinations with little to no traffic and quicker. Usually, drivers who use them will get a an invoice about two weeks after. But a woman revealed what happens if you don’t pay toll tickets after using toll roads. And it’s not just that you receive late penalties.

In a video with over 135,000 views, TikTok user Katie (@katie_elise_) shares that she learned the hard way what happens if you don’t pay in a timely matter. “I just learned that when you don’t pay your tolls, they put a warrant out for your arrest,” she says, tearing open an envelope. “I’ve been putting off paying my tolls for so long.”

According to the content creator, the Department of Transportation where she is located has been sending notices to her house. She says she ignored the notices. She then unveils the stack of envelopes as proof.

“I’ve had the D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) [contact me]. I’ve had some lawyers contact me. I didn’t think they were freaking serious!” Katie exclaims, opening another envelope. Katie says that her toll tags were also expired.

She reads aloud her fees.

“Total amount due, only $51. … I avoid tolls like the plague,” she explains. “But I run late a lot and hate being late. So, anytime I’m running late, I take tolls.”

After a brief moment of silence, she read aloud another invoice. “OK, I really thought it was gonna be, like, at least $100. Only $50,” she says, relieved.

Katie adds in the caption, “Paying my tolls bc i dont look good in orange.”


Paying my tolls bc i dont look good in orange

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The Daily Dot reached out to Katie via TikTok comment and direct message. In the comments section, some viewers didn’t believe Katie.

“I would of been arrested if this was true,” one viewer remarked.

“If they give u a warrant id done been arrested w over 200$ of unpaid tolls in the span of 3 years,” a second echoed.

However, others warned about the consequences through experience.

“They wouldn’t let me renew my registration until I paid them but I only owed a little over $150,” one user said.

“I owed 1k once and they were close to towing my car away smh,” a second commented.

“As someone who processes toll payments for a living, it is VERY serious. Couldn’t tell you how many times I have had callers shocked because they have a court summons over tolls,” a third shared.

Can you actually go to jail for not paying tolls?

In a nutshell, the toll roads operate on a three-strike system, depending on the state. In California, if a person doesn’t pay, there’s a $61 fee. Not paying that will result in an additional $42.50. Until the person pays, they won’t be able to renew their car registration. Over in Texas, failure to pay the penalties can result in a misdemeanor. If the person continues not to pay, they will receive a court summons. And being a no-show in court could very well lead to one’s arrest.

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*First Published: Apr 29, 2024, 10:00 am CDT