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‘Worst work environment to ever work in: Bank teller warns against working at a bank, calls job ‘toxic’

‘The pay and benefits were nice but it was corporate toxic BS all the time.’


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In a viral TikTok, a user warns against working in a bank—calling the experience “toxic.”

TikTok user @financialteller bills herself on TikTok as “Just your average Joe banker from Idaho.” In the video, she stitches a video from another user Rachel Pedersen, who asks, “What’s a mistake you learned the hard way that you can now help people to avoid?”

As it turns out, the TikToker’s advice is simple. “Don’t get a job at the bank,” she says. “Plain and simple. Don’t work at a bank. Don’t work at a credit union. Don’t work in the banking industry. Don’t do it.”

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The video has amassed more than 590,000 views as of Sunday. Both current and former bank employees in the comments section say they agree with the advice.

“Because once you’re in YOURE IN FOREVER,” wrote user Ashley Nicole. The creator agreed, responding, “Blood in & Blood out.”

Another user wrote, “The pay and benefits were nice but it was corporate toxic BS all the time.”

“On paper I had it made. My mental health took a GIANT nose dive working for a bank. No regrets quitting,” wrote another user Nuxable.

“I’m a teller at a laid back slow branch and get to do all my college work here and get paid for it. But long term, I get it,” wrote one viewer.

“Wish I had seen this two years ago,” commented another user.

One user asked, “WHY THO? I almost took a banking job a few weeks ago?” The creator explained that in her opinion “it’s the most toxic place to work. People are mean about their money but also don’t care about letting us do our jobs to protect them.”

However, not everyone views bank jobs in a negative light.

“Best choice I ever made,” wrote one user.

Another agreed, “Good pay and every holiday know to man off?”

Jessica Michelle wrote, “I just started…. and i love it!! my coworkers are amazing as well.”

Banks are a common source of frustration for both workers and consumers. One worker recently complained that she was fired from her job due to the actions of a co-worker. Another criticized the lack of mobility for people of color in the industry. And, of course, bank fees are a notoriously frustrating part of the consumer end of the business.

The Daily Dot reached out to Financial Teller via TikTok for comment.

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