Amazon driver has to make 100 stops in one shift

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‘That’s a nursery route lol’: Amazon driver has to make 100 stops in one shift. Fellow drivers say that’s nothing

'I'm sorry what are you complaining about?'


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Posted on Jul 15, 2023   Updated on Jul 15, 2023, 6:18 pm CDT

How many Amazon stops are too many? One Amazon driver recently shared a workload he found overwhelming, but other drivers deemed child’s play.

A TikToker creator Jimmy, using the @jimmy888_ account, posted a video during Amazon Prime Week. In it, Jimmy shows his work summary in the Amazon app, which indicates he has 100 stops and 248 packages remaining in his shift.

“Amazon be tryin’ your boy,” he said to start the video.

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He then declared, “100 stops. 248 packages. Bitch, what kind of numbers is that?”

He then shows his phone display with his South Florida route visible, zooms in, and declares, “F*ck Prime Week!” in reaction.

“Sh*t got me breathing heavy,” Jimmy added in the caption.

Some users said they could relate to Jimmy’s experience.

“I got 100 stops when I started working with Amazon and now stops and packages keep going up,” one commenter groused.

“Exactly what my route was like today,” added another. “I hate group stops and apartments with a passion. First day of prime i had 324 and 140 stops and half were group.”

Other Amazon drivers noted, by contrast, that Jimmy’s workload was light that day.

“I’d kill for 100 stops,” said one. “I ain seen that since i first started.”

“100 stops?” asked another. “Bruh, try 200 stops, 350+ packages.”

“I’m sorry what are you complaining about? That’a a nursery route lol were doing 190-200 stops with 350-400 packages at my warehouse,” someone else observed.

“Lmao for all of prime week I had about 200 stops 350-375 packages a day,” said one Amazon worker.

“Easy work,” declared another, adding, “I had 176 stops with 398 packages.”

The video has received more than 27,000 views since it was posted Friday.  

In response to the comments saying his workload is “light,” Jimmy posted a follow-up video that shows he made a total of 206 stops in his shift and delivered more than 350 packages.

@jimmy888_ They got ya boy WORKING!! #primeweek #amazon #dspdriver #amazondeliverydriver #viral ♬ original sound – Jimmy

One commenter, reacting to that workload, assessed, “That’s inhumane.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Jimmy via TikTok and Amazon via email for comment.

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*First Published: Jul 15, 2023, 6:17 pm CDT