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‘I always get a bowl of butter’: Texas Roadhouse server says table of 2 asked for 9 ramekins of ‘regular’ butter

'I’d assume they were just taking that butter home bc it’s so expensive at the grocery store.'


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Posted on Jun 30, 2023   Updated on Jun 30, 2023, 4:49 pm CDT

A Texas Roadhouse server had quite a time with a couple who ticked a numbers of the boxes for annoying customers — and created a whole new box built around how much butter they requested.

The video comes from creator @itslesbean, with more than 295,000 views in a single day for her chronicling of an exchange with customers at her new Texas Roadhouse job. She roleplays both herself and the customers in the video, spanning nearly three minutes in a dining experience filled with bad attitude and butter.

“Hey guys, how are we doing today?” she begins, answered back with a flat “We’re good.”

“Awesome,” she continues, undaunted. “Well, my name is Angela. I’m gonna be your server for the evening. Can I get y’all started off with a flavored sweet tea or a lemonade. Maybe if anybody feels a little wild and crazy, a legendary Margarita or an ice cold beer.”

“We’ll just get two waters,” the customer says, before making it awkward by saying they know what they want.

@itslesbean I like butter too, but thats a uh a lot of butter (had a total of 8-9 scoops) #server #serverstories #servertiktok #texasroadhouse #foodservice #restaurantindustry #serverlife #serverproblems #texasroadhouseserver #customerservice ♬ original sound – itslesbean

That is, specifically, “We’re gonna do two of your 16-ounce ribeyes. Let’s do both of those well done. Well done. I don’t want it mooin’. I don’t want it mooin’ and I don’t want it burnt. I just want it well done.”

The server than says it comes with two sides. This is where the butter comes in.

“I guess we’ll do a loaded baked potato,” the customer said. “But no sour cream, no bacon and no cheese.”

“Okay. Gotcha. Baked potato with butter.”

“Loaded,” the customer emphasizes. “Loaded, loaded. I want it loaded.” The customers also arrive at corn for the second side, and are amenable to getting more bread at the server’s suggestion — and the customer makes clear to bring more butter.

She’s not kidding. Upon getting the food, they decide they want more butter. She brings two ramekins. They want more. She brings three more. They’re satisfied, initially.

But then, upon the server checking with them again at the end of the meal if they need boxes, they say, “Yeah, we need two boxes … and more butter.”

That leads the server to wonder, in conclusion, “Who hurt you?”

It’s not the only Texas Roadhouse content in recent days on TikTok depicting difficult customers and their requests. On Thursday, the Daily Dot reported on an ex-employee with a staggering list of bad customer behaviors.

Commenters were familiar with the trope.

“As being a Texas Roadhouse server for year and a half, this scenario happens to me all the time,” one noted.

“The way I would’ve charged them for every butter after the first 3,” another remarked.

That comment led the creator to crack, “Should have recommended the nearest Walmart lol.”

“If I didn’t know better,” one theorized, “I’d assume they were just taking that butter home bc it’s so expensive at the grocery store.”

Someone else chimed in, “Spending $70 at a restaurant to save $3 on butter wouldn’t be a very smart financial decision.”

That led another to observe, “Based on the unloaded “loaded” potato, I don’t think smart factors in here.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Jun 30, 2023, 4:48 pm CDT