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The legacy of Chester Stone, Florida man and internet sensation

The man, the legend, the death hoax, and more.


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Chester Stone is an internet personality who gained fame with low-quality comedy videos in which he tells stories, acts wacky with his friends, and repeats his catchphrase “god motherf—ing damn!” He started on Instagram and has since spread his act over to TikTok where he enjoys a following of over 600,000 users.

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Stone has proven himself to be an elusive individual, sharing little about his family life and suggesting in an interview that he’s functionally homeless. Many of his iconic videos have been deleted from his social media accounts, or the accounts were deleted altogether, only surviving as reposts from other users. He was even once the subject of a celebrity death hoax.

Who is Chester Stone?

Chester Stone, currently a Florida man, was born in Poughkeepsie, New York in 1963 to his mother, who hails from North Carolina, and father, who immigrated from Jamaica. According to Tampa Bay magazine Creative Loafing, Stone describes himself as a “nomad” who travels around the area and has taken any number of odd jobs to survive, including at a grocery store in Clearwater, before becoming an internet sensation.

Before his career making bizarre videos, he was once filmed performing as a reggaeton MC going by the name Super D. YouTube account vaultclassic posted the footage on June 6, 2014, and he spoke on his brief musical career in the Creative Loafing interview, saying that his sound borrows from his Jamaican roots. He had collaborated with local musicians like Rahim Samad.

Around 2019, Stone made an Instagram account and began posting videos of himself making outrageous statements like “women don’t fart, they poop” and telling stories about arguments he had with monkeys.

He gained something of a cult following among appreciators of absurdist humor. His original account, @chesterstone745, still has over 80,000 followers.

The real Chester Stone

Outside of his outrageous online behavior, Stone seems to be a private and humble individual, rejecting the idea of celebrity status and admitting to personal struggles and a bit of a people-pleasing streak.

“I’m really a private person in many ways, I’m not really a celebrity like y’all think I am,” he says. “I’m really struggling and going through difficulties too. I’m not really impressed by certain things, but I have to please the people who like and want to be around me, you know?”

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If these struggles include financial ones, he doesn’t seem too concerned. He claims that he “barely touches” the money he makes from t-shirt sales on his website as well as hit stock of BitCoin and Ethereum. Based on what he said in the interview, Stone does what he does for the love of his fans and out of a desire to brighten everyone and anyone’s day.

He’s also interested in charitable giving, to a point.

“If I made $500 million, well, I’d leave $400 million to the kids,” he said. “I’d f— up a 100 million dollars up though!”

What does Chester Stone do?

Chester Stone follows a long line of unrestrained and unfiltered comedians who tell wild and obviously untrue stories about bizarre situations or make raunchy and absurd statements in online videos. His style is all-natural, rejecting the high-end equipment, editing, and filters often used by other internet personalities and Instagram/TikTok stars.

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After he migrated to TikTok in 2021, Stone’s videos regularly gained hundreds of thousands to millions of views. In addition to creative storytelling, he often films brief videos making fun of the small details such as street signs, and accosts strangers in the Tampa Bay area to compliment their looks or confuse them with random statements.

Is Chester Stone alive?

Stone was the subject of a 2024 celebrity death hoax, or more likely a death prank, but appears to be very much alive.

On April 1, also known as April Fool’s Day, Stone posted a pair of images on his Instagram account suggesting that he had passed on. The first shows the man himself Photoshopped in the Oval Office with his hands in the air and a pack of Newports on the desk with the caption “Long Live Chester Stone.” The second appears to be a screenshot of an online obituary marking the day of his death as March 31.

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The obituary spread to TikTok on the same day, with user @jcubs59 posting a fade-in video of the screenshot to music.


@chesterstone777 rip to the NewPort king😢😢#fyp #chesterstone

♬ scars – Novulent

Though many of his fans worried for a while that it was not a hoax, most remain skeptical. There was a similar scare after a fake obituary for Stone spread back in 2021, but he began posting comeback videos soon after.

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In this case, someone added posts to one of Stone’s alternate Instagram accounts hours after the death announcement, which convinced plenty of fans that he was alive and well. As of June 2024, he has also added several more entries to his main account, including one that appears to show a current version of his face.

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