The vandalism of Betsy DeVos’ $40 million yacht has torn Twitter apart

Betsy DeVos is the secretary of education, with a net worth hovering somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 billion. She is also the owner of a $40 million yacht.

Last night, vandals caused $5,000-$10,000 of damage to her $40 million yacht. (For those playing at home, that is the equivalent of vandals causing $3-5 worth of damage on your $30,000 car.)

According to the Toledo Blade, unidentified vandals untied the yacht from the dock in Huron, Ohio, and the 163-foot boat began to drift away. It struck the dock, causing mainly some large scratches.

The news was shared on Twitter by an Axios reporter and split Twitter along class warfare divide.

A woman named Barbara thought perhaps the report was being shared to further encourage vandalism.

But mostly everyone thought it was a spectacular way to highlight the very obscene levels of wealth the Trump cabinet has, especially in comparison to the average American.

Whether it’s OK to commit small acts of vandalism against society’s wealthiest and most powerful gatekeepers is a debate we won’t be able to settle here today, but regardless of your stance on the boat being separated from its mooring, we can all agree it led to some good puns.


David Covucci

David Covucci

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