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Learn a new language with a $90 discount on Rosetta Stone

You can be speaking a new language in a matter of weeks.


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Think high school’s the only time you can learn a new language? Then you should explore what Rosetta Stone has to offer.

This award-winning software has earned accolades from CNN and Wall Street Journal. Its intuitive, immersive strategy is proven to make you conversational in the language of your choosing fast. You start by associating words with images, then work to improve your accent with speech recognition technology.

You’ll eventually move onto more advanced language skills, and you can keep those skills sharp with live tutoring sessions and on-the-go apps.

Spanish, French, Italian, and English are available at a discount now. Pick up any of these Rosetta Stone programs for $139.99 from the Daily Dot store, down from their $229 retail price.


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