This dual telescope lets you explore both space and wildlife

You get the best of both worlds.


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While most telescopes are either for looking at space or observing wildlife, the Omegon Maksutov Telescope MightyMak 60 is designed for both.

Whether you’re camping under the stars or trekking out into the wilderness, you’ll never regret bringing it along for the ride. And lucky for you, you never have to be without it! Because, get this: it’s small enough to fit in any bag. It even includes a tabletop tripod!

It features T-2 threading, so it doubles as a telephoto lens and can attach directly to your camera. It even features a Maksutov design for bright images with a large scope of view. Even better, if you’re a telescope guru, you probably already have a finder scope and astronomical mount that fits it.

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Time to get the best of both worlds. Get the Omegon Maksutov Telescope MightyMak 60 for just $109.99 from the Daily Dot store — reduced from the original price of $134.

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