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The 8 most precious tea infusers you can buy

Tea drinkers are going to adore these little accessories.


Colette Bennett

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Tea drinkers of the world, much like coffee drinkers, are all about our accoutrements: the right pot, the right mugs, tea infusers, spoons and more. There’s lots of gadgets with the hobby, and we love it that way.

If you like your tea loose, you’ll need a way to steep the leaves. You could do this with a simple teabag, but there are so many cute options that it seems you’d be missing out if you didn’t at least give these adorable tea infusers a try.

1) Robot tea infuser


He holds the sides of the cup. AND he comes with a drip tray. Best $6.99 ever spent if you ask us.

Price on Amazon: $6.99

2) Brew Whale tea infuser


This tea infuser is so adorable we can’t even deal. It blows a plume out of its spout!

Price on Amazon: $14

3) Leaf tea infuser set


This is one of our favorite tea infuser sets out there. These also hold a perfect amount of tea and each comes with their own drip trays.

Price on Amazon: $10.99

4) Shark tea infuser


What’s cuter than a deadly sea predator gnawing on the edge of your teacup? Nothing, that’s what.

Price on Amazon: $6.25

5) Manatea tea infuser


Not “manatee,” but “manatea” … get it? (Don’t sneer at us, we didn’t make it up). Dunk this little tea infuser dude in your tea asap.

Price on Amazon: $14.99

6) Como Tea Llama



Price on Amazon: $10.25

7. Baby Nessie the Loch Ness Monster tea infuser


If you’re a conspiracy theorist or just a fan of cute stuff, this Nessie infuser is made for you.

Price on Amazon: $12.10

8)Kit-Tea tea infuser


Cat fans will delight in seeing a kitty peering at them from over the edge of their mug. They may never take it out, in fact.

Price on Amazon: $11.95

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