Colette Bennett

Colette Bennett is a writer/editor who specializes in internet culture, skincare, and all things geek. Her work has appeared on CNN, HLN, Engadget, Colourlovers, and Continue Magazine. She also writes horror and sci-fi fiction for Corona Books. Her first novel is forthcoming from Rebellion Publishing in 2021.

Black Friday K-beauty

Here’s all the Black Friday K-beauty deals you need

This will help make your skincare routine a bit more affordable.

On Nov 24, 2022 by Colette Bennett

Peach and Lily Vitamin C lifestyle pictures.

Peach & Lily’s new Vitamin C treatment is erasing my sun damage

It's a magical potion!

On Feb 25, 2021 by Colette Bennett

high roller

When you need to win that saving throw, call on the High Roller

On Feb 16, 2021 by Colette Bennett

double masking

Do I actually need to double mask?

Two masks may be better than one, but not for the reason you may think.

On Feb 15, 2021 by Colette Bennett

Valentines gift ideas 2

Valentines gift ideas for your quarantine-weary partner

These gifts will actually help soothe their stress.

On Feb 3, 2021 by Colette Bennett

kids face masks final

How to choose a safe kids face mask

On Feb 2, 2021 by Colette Bennett

masks and allergies

Wearing a surgical mask will defend you from pollen-induced misery

You'll be safe from more than just COVID-19 this year.

On Jan 25, 2021 by Colette Bennett

VR workout

How a VR workout app turned an older generation into gamers

On Dec 18, 2020 by Colette Bennett

wildfire masks

How your mask is doing double duty in wildfire states

Are you safe from both COVID and harmful wildfire smoke?

On Oct 30, 2020 by Colette Bennett

Homepage article image

These 5 Korean beauty products are my faves of 2020

These are this year's must-have K-beauty products.

On Oct 27, 2020 by Colette Bennett

Nintendo Prime Day deals

These Prime Day deals on Nintendo games are worth your gold coins

Snap them up while you still can!

On Oct 14, 2020 by Colette Bennett

Hausu poster

The 8 best Japanese horror movies

Japanese horror is still alive and well even if the J-horror craze has faded.

On Oct 13, 2020 by Colette Bennett

best gaming deals

The best Amazon Prime Day gaming deals

Prime Day has always been the better for the PC gamer––at least, until this year.

On Oct 13, 2020 by Colette Bennett

how to vote

How to vote safely in person for the 2020 Presidential election

There are more options this year than normal elections!

On Oct 8, 2020 by Colette Bennett

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The best foreign horror movies to stream

Creepy, strange, and wonderful.

On Sep 29, 2020 by Colette Bennett