Woman talking(l+r), Dunkin Donuts sign(c)

‘It’ll be a lot cheaper, but it’s very similar to the chai’: Customer reveals hack to order milk tea at Dunkin’

'New drink unlocked.'

On Feb 28, 2024 by Grace Fowler

woman speaking in car with caption 'anytime I saw a can of Arizona tea that was more than 99 cents' (l) Arizona tea cans on store shelf (c) woman speaking in car with caption 'cause I was 69 on them lines telling on the people' (r)

‘Why did I go into a place and they was charging $2’: Shopper says she snitches on stores that charge more than 99 cents for Arizona Tea

'When inflation hit Wendy's, I ain't say nothing... But when it hit Arizona teas, I was livid.'

On Nov 15, 2023 by Brooke Sjoberg

Side angle of a cup of iced tea (L) Arizona Iced Tea (M) Film on top of iced tea (R)

‘I’m actually disgusted right now’: TikToker finds ‘slimy’ substance in their Arizona iced tea

'It felt really gross, and I really don’t know if it was mold or not.'

On Feb 27, 2022 by Daysia Tolentino

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Conservative parliament member’s teabag photo spills serious tea

'Sue, you're shouting at tea.'

On Feb 26, 2020 by Siobhan Ball

tea infusers

8 adorable tea infusers that will warm you with cuteness

Slurp down the d'awws.

On Mar 18, 2019 by Jaime Carrillo

todays tea meme

Twitter is dropping some hard truths with this ‘today’s tea’ meme

People just can't get enough of the tea!

On Feb 13, 2019 by Stacey Ritzen

what does tea mean meme

What is ‘tea,’ and how did it become a phrase on the internet?

How many sugars would you like?

On Jan 27, 2019 by Stacey Ritzen

youtube tea car mod

YouTuber turns car windshield into tea-dispensing machine

That's one model Tea.

On Jul 29, 2018 by Joseph Knoop

teas good for digestion

7 teas that will soothe your painfully full tummy post-feast

Now you can overeat without hating yourself.

On Nov 22, 2017 by Marisa Losciale

tea infuser

Put the tea in T-Rex with this incredibly cute infuser

We mean that quite literally.

On Nov 2, 2017 by Marisa Losciale

Star Wars mugs

Your morning caffeine will look cuter than ever in these Star Wars mugs

Pro Tip: "The Force" is actually the power of caffeine.

On May 10, 2017 by Colette Bennett

Homepage article image

This is the sexiest electric teakettle in the history of everything


On Feb 9, 2017 by Colette Bennett

Homepage article image

The 8 most precious tea infusers you can buy

Tea drinkers are going to adore these little accessories.

On Dec 27, 2016 by Colette Bennett

Homepage article image

Al Roker furiously stirring his drink is the meme for late summer shade

The anchor was not having it.

On Aug 23, 2016 by Gabe Bergado

Homepage article image

Coffee vs. tea debate highlights how little we know about nutrition

#TeamCoffee forever.

On Jun 11, 2015 by Cynthia McKelvey