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5 best sustainable period products for an eco-friendly time of month

No waste and no leaks.


Stephanie Weaver

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Posted on Mar 10, 2022   Updated on Mar 9, 2022, 8:56 am CST

Due to ever-increasing concerns about climate change and the future of our planet, more and more people have decided to go green. From trading in their gas-guzzling sedan to shopping for eco-friendly gifts, there are tons of simple ways be more sustainable. There are even sustainable period products.

That may sound like too much. But period products take a toll on the environment. In fact, National Geographic believes that people who menstruate go through almost 15,000 pads and tampons during their lifetime.

And since plastic applicators cannot be recycled, most of them will clog up landfills. Furthermore, non-degradable menstruation products can take up to 500 to 800 years to decompose.

So, how can you combat climate change while enjoying leak-proof protection? The answer is sustainable period products.

What are sustainable period products?

Sustainable period products are alternative products for menstruating individuals that benefit both the body and the planet. These products are reusable, compostable, or biodegradable and made from eco-friendly materials such as cotton, bamboo fiber, or banana fiber.

While there are many misconceptions that reusable period products are unsanitary, ineffective, and smelly, the truth of the matter is that all eco-friendly period products provide superior, odorless, and hygienic protection.

Reasons to make the switch

Whether you call it Aunt Flow or the red river, you want period products that are safe and effective. Sustainable menstruation products offer tons of benefits, including:

  •  There are a variety of products to choose from
  • Reusable period products are easy to clean, convenient, and cost-effective
  • They are safer for your body than traditional pads or tampons
  • They’re super comfortable
  • They’re better for the environment

Now that you better understand the perks of these products, let’s take a deep dive into the five best sustainable period products out there.

5 best sustainable period products

1) Best Eco-Friendly Tampons: Rael Organic Cotton Unscented Tampons

These unscented organic cotton tampons by Rael are our choice for the best eco-friendly tampons on the market. With a BPA-free plastic applicator with a rounded tip for easy insertion, these tampons are secure and comfortable. No pesticides, toxins, or synthetic chemicals were used to treat the cotton, making these tampons super safe for your body. Best of all, they accommodate all skin types and menstrual conditions.

2) Best Eco-Friendly Period Pads: Rael Organic Cotton Cover Pads

Another ingenious product from Rael is their organic pads. Rated 4.5 stars out of more than 13,200 reviews, these eco-friendly period pads are crafted from OCS-certified cotton grown without the use of toxins, synthetic chemicals, or pesticides. The ultra-absorbent core locks away fluid and prevents overflows for long-lasting comfort and protection. The hypoallergenic, breathable sheets promote maximum airflow and prevent irritation and odor.

3) Best Period Cups: Diva Cup

A menstrual cup, also known as a period cup, is a small, body-safe cup that is inserted into the vagina without the use of an applicator. Once snugly inside, the cup catches and collects your flow.

The DivaCup is a BPA-free menstrual cup that offers up to 12 hours of protection. Made from 100% medical-grade silicone, the DivaCup has been recognized by the Society for Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada. It’s simple to insert, easy to clean, and costs less than traditional pads or tampons.

4) Best Period Panties: THINX Hip Huggers

Kiss pads and tampons goodbye and say hello to period panties! Best worn on your lighter days, period panties are made from multiple layers of microfiber polyester. They fit and look like regular underwear and are specially designed to soak up menstrual blood while keeping moisture away from your skin.

THINX is a leader in the period panties industry, so it’s no surprise that their hip-hugging panties made our list. Made for all body types, these menstrual panties feature built-in leak protection and are made from breathable fabric for all-day comfort. They neutralize unwanted odors and are easy to clean.

5) Best Period Discs: Cora Disc

Another innovative period product we’re totally obsessed with is the Cora Disc. Unlike cups that sit in the vaginal canal below the cervix, discs fit into your fornix, or where your cervix meets your canal. Discs generally hold more fluid than cups do and insertion and care are a breeze.

The Cora Disc offers up to 12 hours of protection, is great for both light and heavy flows, and even enables you to have sex on your period! What more could you ask for?

Final thoughts

Sustainable period products are affordable, effective, safe, and eco-friendly! Whether you choose to use a cup or an organic tampon, you can feel confident and comfortable all day long while doing your part to save our planet.

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*First Published: Mar 10, 2022, 9:46 am CST