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How to save snaps without paying for Snapchat’s Replay feature

Unlimited snap saving could get you banned, but you can still do it for free.


Mike Wehner


If you’re excited to use Snapchat’s newly announced Replay feature, which allows you to view snaps you’ve already viewed for a fee, you should know that you can do it without having to toss cash at Snapchat.

Third-party Snapchat apps have existed for several years, and many of them offer the ability to archive photos and videos you’ve received from other users. Unlike Snapchat’s own Replay feature, the third-party alternatives allow the media to be saved locally, so you can view them as many times as you want.

We’ve gathered a few of the best iOS snap-saving apps available, but be warned: Snapchat discourages the use of these apps, as well as any tool that saves snaps for long-term viewing. If Snapchat notices that you’re logging in from an unofficial app you run the risk of being temporarily banned from the service. If you’re a repeat offender, you may also be permanently banned, which would put a damper on your snapping for the foreseeable future.


If you’re wondering why there are no Android apps on this list, it’s because Google has actually culled them from the Play Store. For whatever reason, Apple has not yet done the same on iOS, and the apps listed below are tested and working as of the time of this writing, which is after the rollout of the Replay feature.

It’s no coincidence that the company launched a campaign to restrict unofficial apps shortly before offering its own monetized Replay option, and these apps may not be a long-term solution. Still, if you feel like throwing caution to the wind you can get around Snapchat’s Replay fee fairly easily.


SnapSave Free

Save all snaps and stories, including both photo and video snaps, and store them either within the app or save them directly to your camera roll. You can also send snaps using the app, which includes its own extensive photo editing tool. The free version of the app runs on a “coins” system, but you can upgrade to the Pro version with unlimited snap saving for a couple of bucks, and save money over Snapchat’s Replay fees in the long run.

Quick Save

Quick Save

The same save-everything freedom of SnapSave, but with a cleaner design. The option for unlimited saving costs $9.99, which is a steep price, but if you’re planning on doing a whole lot of saving, it’s the same price as 30 uses of Snapchat’s own Replay feature.


SaveSnap Free

Noticing a trend with these app names yet? This one is, again, almost exactly the same as the others, with a slightly different layout and a photo editor that includes goofy pre-made objects you can copy and paste onto your selfies. Unlimited snap saving will still run you the same $9.99 via an in-app purchase. 

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