Watch this guy’s first attempt behind the wheel of a human-sized quadcopter


With all the talk around flying cars, it was only a matter of time before we saw someone attempt a homemade version of their own. Enter YouTube channel amazingdiyprojects, and its human-sized quadcopter.

The channel behind this behemoth posted a terrifying video Wednesday showing an unnamed Swede successfully flying a multi-rotor several feet above the ground for eight minutes.

Check out his remarkable first attempt:

After the exhilarating eight-minute flight, the man determined his invention had a theoretical flight time of around 14 minutes. That’s pretty impressive, considering even most expensive consumer drones don’t last nearly as long.

The YouTuber was pleased with his first attempt, but he did find areas that need some work.

“There was a little more vibration than I had anticipated, and Yaw directional stability in forward flight was inadequate,” the man wrote on YouTube.

But his biggest complaint is that the flight did not achieve his goal of making him feel free. One obviously can’t reach that goal wearing such heavy clothes. While the goggles and headphones are mandatory, the quadcopter has safety mechanisms built in that are secure enough to make it clothing-optional.

Next time, he said, he’ll try flying nude.

H/T the Verge

Phillip Tracy

Phillip Tracy

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