This creepy iPhone X hack makes your face invisible


Invisibility cloaks may only be the stuff of science fiction, but in augmented reality, making part of yourself disappear is just a matter of some fancy code work. One developer is using an Apple iPhone X to do just that—and he created an app that seemingly makes your face disappear.

Japanese developer Kazuya Noshiro made a Snapchat-style virtual mask with the game development platform Unity, the Verge reported Wednesday. Instead of beautifying your face or adding silly graphics, Noshiro’s development erases the face except for the eyes and mouth, which appear to float in midair.

Right now, it looks like the camera needs to stay fixed in order to get an accurate picture of the scenery behind the face. But as you can see in the video demo below, the finished effect is pretty cool—albeit a little unnerving.

Thus far, developers have made a number of interesting hacks and apps using the iPhone X’s facial recognition and augmented reality capabilities. Glasses retailer Warby Parker, for example, uses the camera’s detailed map of your face to recommend glasses for your face shape. Another developer uses the phone’s facial recognition to turn your face into a game controller. Snapchat’s signature face filters and Apple’s Animoji both utilize the iPhone X’s TrueDepth sensing camera.

While Noshiro’s app seems a little more complicated than your average flower crown filter, it will be interesting to see if more established apps eventually try out this technique themselves. It’s a little creepy—but definitely fun.

It’s unknown when the app will be released, the Verge reported.

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Christina Bonnington

Christina Bonnington

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