Warby Parker uses FaceID technology to recommend glasses for your face

Photo via Warby Parker


We knew that Snapchat would eventually take advantage of the iPhone X’s True Depth camera—Apple showed off this in its onstage demo of the new iPhone, after all. Since the launch of iPhone X, however, we haven’t known what other third-party apps would eventually utilize the phone’s face mapping technology. Eyeglass maker Warby Parker seems to be among the first to adopt the technology, in a way that’s useful and makes a lot of sense.

For those who own an iPhone X and are looking to upgrade their spectacles, you can use the latest version of the Warby Parker app to get glasses recommendations.

When you give the app permission, it scans your face using Apple’s face-mapping technology. It then recommends a handful of glasses models that it thinks will suit your face. For now, Warby Parker stops there: the app doesn’t actually let you try on the glasses, augmented reality-style. It wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine that could come in a future app update, though.

The Warby Parker app is a natural fit for implementing the iPhone X’s True Depth sensing capabilities. In time, we should see more apps use this feature too, from other glasses and sunglasses brands, to makeup apps, to Snapchat-style augmented reality fun.

To try it out yourself, in the app, head to Shop, then Eyeglasses, then Find Your Fit. The feature doesn’t appear to be available for sunglasses just yet.

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Christina Bonnington

Christina Bonnington

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