gta v note 7

Screengrab via Modded Games

This is an extremely realistic mod.

Samsung’s Note 7 troubles aren’t yet behind them, but that hasn’t stopped inventive video game mod creators from adding the phone to Grand Theft Auto 5… as a bomb. 

In the game, the Note 7 replaces the Sticky Bomb, which can be attached to virtually any surface and then detonated remotely after the fact. As you can see in the video above, the phone itself has been lovingly recreated in the game world; it’s actually fairly recognizable. Of course, the explosion it generates is a bit more intense than the reports of real-world Note 7s bursting into flames. 

If you’re a GTA V player on PC and want to get in on the action, you can install the mod with just a few straightforward steps, then wreak havoc on the town with your shiny new smartphone. 

The actual Note 7’s fiery personality stems from a fault in its battery pack, which Samsung has suggested originated due to a specific component manufacturer, thought it has yet to actually name the company it believes is as fault. The device remains in worldwide recall following incidents where the phone has burned cars, homes, and people

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