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You’ll soon be able to backup your whole computer on Google Drive

The tool will be available for Mac and PC this month.


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Google Drive will soon be able to backup and store files and folders from anywhere on your computer. This means you can use Google’s file storage platform to backup your entire desktop, photos, documents, or any other folder or file on your machine without having to move it.

The new tool, which Google is calling Backup and Sync, is intended to streamline the process of backing up files so they are secure if something were to go wrong. Google says the new app is intended for consumers, and recommends business users continue to use the existing Drive app.

Users have always been required to backup files by placing them directly into the local Google Drive folder. Now they can use Drive’s backup abilities without having to relocate files and photos.

Just know that whichever files you plan to backup with Drive—whether it be in their original location or in the Drive folder—will most likely count toward your storage limit. Google gives you 15GB of free storage before you have to pay to backup files. Storing 100GB of content costs $2 a month, 1TB goes for $10, and 10TB will run you $100 a month.

Backup and Sync will be released for Mac and PC on June 28.

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