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Storm Crow

When you need to win that saving throw, call on the High Roller


Colette Bennett

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Choosing the right d20 dice is a special rite of passage for the tabletop gamer. Invented by Wizards of the Coast back in 2000, this system has defined everything from your character’s stats to their successes and failures. You could slash the throat of a leering troll about to eat you, or it could smack you off the side of a mountain, and it all came down to the luck of the die.

It does look awfully lucky to roll a 20 often, but some gamers seem to have the gift. What do you give a person who has this kind of charisma brewing in their palms? A golden d20, of course.

Created by the delightful people behind Canadian nerd bar Storm Crow, the High Roller is made of burnished metal and is simply gigantic at 30mm. It comes in a ring box that very much brings to mind an engagement ring; but instead, the message inside (lit with a spotlight!) says “May all your crits be natural.” That’s the kind of romance I can get behind.

This epic die is the ideal way to pay homage to a person who simply seems to be made of magic. Or maybe it’s also a gift of luck for the gamer who seems to fail those savings throws all too often. Crafty dungeon masters may even find a way to work it into their games. But Storm Crow has a special offer for the first ten people to actually use the High Roller as an engagement gift–if their person says yes, you get your die for free.

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