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steven moffat

steven moffat 'Doctor Who' showrunner Steven Moffat to be replaced by Chris Chibnall
After six seasons, Steven Moffat is handing over the reins of the BBC's flagship show.
sherlock The 'Sherlock' holiday special was a bizarre mess of feminist murder plots and Victoriana
The show's ambitious self-indulgence is one of its defining traits.
doctor who The 'Doctor Who' Christmas special finally turned the Doctor's marriage into a love story
'The Husbands of River Song' began as a heist comedy, but ended as a genuinely romantic love story.
peter jackson Peter Capaldi helps Peter Jackson troll 'Doctor Who' fans with a video about him directing
So, can we confirm that Peter Jackson is directing an episode of 'Doctor Who'? Or is this an elaborate joke?
sherlock Decoding the new 'Sherlock' episode title
So, who is Sherlock's 'Abominable Bride?'