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eddie redmayne researched jackson bird trans video How this Harry Potter fan's trans coming-out video inspired Eddie Redmayne
The Oscar-winning actor who will star in 'Fantastic Beasts' has his eye on the HP fan community.
OTP web series preview Promising new fanfiction webseries features Broadway stars, hobbit erotica
A bond made over erotic hobbit fan fiction is one that can never be broken.
Gillian_Anderson_&_David_Duchovny_(9344552231).jpg (4752×3168) Mulder and Scully are flirting on Twitter and driving 'X-Files' fans insane
David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson heated up the Internet this week and turned us all into conspiracy theorists. 
ngFsETp.png (1020×691) This new game is the Cards Against Humanity of fanfiction
Make the weirdest pop-culture relationship you can think of, and come up with a story for it.
Larry - Love triangle coloured by *RockitRocket-RIR on deviantART One Direction fandom adds billionaire record exec to conspiracy theory
One Tumblr user claims to have tracked down Eleanor Calder's father and brother. 
nohomo Taylor Swift parody becomes an anthem for Tumblr's slash fans
"They Are Never Ever Gonna Get Together" goes out to all the fans of fictional male/male couples we're probably not going to see on TV or in the movies any time soon.