Abercrombie customer explains she only received 2 items from her large order

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‘This happened to me with pottery barn’: Abercrombie customer says only 2 items from her $850 order arrived

‘This happened to me with pottery barn’


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There can be hiccups when orders are processed. Some are minor but others are major. In this case, a woman revealed her “horror story” after she received only two items from her $850 order from Abercrombie & Fitch.

The video featured TikTok user Annie Cottrell (@annie.cott) who recalled her “Abercrombie horror story.” She started off by stating how she placed an $850 order that consisted of 18 items. A few days later, Cottrell was alerted of her order’s arrival. After Cottrell opened the box, she was disappointed to find only two pairs of jeans were inside it. “Well, maybe things are coming in two separate orders,” she reasoned.

@annie.cott I NEED THE INTERNET TO PULL THROUGH FOR ME. Abercrombie NIGHTMARE! #greenscreen #horror #abercrombie #viral #fyp #horrorstory #retailproblems #utahmom #foryoupage #scammeralert #scam ♬ original sound – Annie Cottrell

Next, she checked her email and found that the notification said her entire order had been delivered. Calmly, she contacted customer service and explained the situation. The representative informed Cottrell that they were going to “overnight” the rest of her order and send a confirmation email. The next morning, the content creator didn’t receive any email. Then, she called customer service again. “‘It looks like it didn’t go through. Let me process it again,’” the second representative said. However, an hour later, Cottrell got an email stating her entire order had been canceled and refused to issue a refund.

Next, the content creator revealed the email from Abercrombie. Essentially, Abercrombie blamed the incident on the shipping company. Since Abercrombie didn’t address the correct issue, Cottrell replied to the email. Again, the content creator and the company went in circles. As a result, Cottrell claims Abercrombie swept the problem under the rug. She concluded the video by pleading to viewers for help.

The Daily Dot reached out to Abercrombie via press email. The video garnered over 802,000 views. In the comments, viewers offered solutions to the problem.

“Dispute the charge and file a report with your state attorney general,” one viewer suggested.

“Chargeback for full order,” a second proposed.

In addition, others shared their similar experiences.

“This happened to me with pottery barn and my perseverance got me a free $1000 bed,” one user wrote.

“Laser ship is the WORST shipping company! I’ve had issues with them putting my Abercrombie packages in the mailbox which gets taken by USPS,” a second shared.

“This happened to me with another company. They eventually resolved it but it took AWHILE. @abercrombie, c’mon, help her!!!!! Do better,” a third remarked.

In a follow-up video, Cottrell gave viewers an update. One morning, she received an email from a woman who worked in Abercrombie’s corporate office. In the email, she apologized for the situation and wanted to make it right. The content creator also unveiled a screenshot of a comment left by Abercrombie on one of her videos. In it, they claimed the company wanted to fix the issue.

@annie.cott Finally heard back from Abercrombie this morning…what are your thoughts?? What other brands should I order from? #greenscreen #viral #fyp #foryoupage #fashion #utah #abercrombie #retailproblems ♬ original sound – Annie Cottrell

At 2pm, she received a phone call from the corporate office. The worker reiterated her apology and claimed there was a “miscommunication.” In order to correct the problem, she gave Cottrell two options: Resend the 16 items or get a refund. The content creator chose the refund and received a gift card for the inconvenience. However, Cottrell didn’t know “if or when” she would be shopping there again.

Update 4:07pm CT, Nov. 8: When reached for comment, Cottrell told the Daily Dot that she won’t be shopping at Abercrombie “as much as I once did because I have heard of this happening to so many people and had my video not gone viral, I can’t say the ending would have been the same.”

“But I also understand that everyone makes mistakes and things happen. If I order again I will place small orders,” she continued.

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