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samurai star wars 'Star Wars' fan's amazing art turns 'The Force Awakens' characters into samurai
In this incredible fanart series, even BB-8 gets a historical Japanese makeover -- as an adorable dog!
Disney fanartist turns male 'Star Wars' characters into sexy pin-up girls
These are definitely the droids you're looking for.
The cast of 'Hamilton,' sorted into proper 'Harry Potter' houses
Ravenclaws built our nation (and other 'Hamilton' Sorting Hat truths).
poe finn 'Star Wars' fan pens love song in honor of Poe and Finn
"It Suits You" is the Poe/Finn love song we've all been waiting for.
danger room x-men The beloved '90s animated X-Men are back in this fanmade YouTube series
This new X-Men series is a total nostalgia trip for fans of the '90s animated series.