Custom-made copy of the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis is both creepy and awesome

The new owner of this custom-made Necronomicon Ex-Mortis volume can’t say he wasn’t warned. 

The redditor, going by the handle waggbag, recently shared some awesome photos of the latest addition to his library. A box containing the evil tome arrived at waggbag’s door covered with warnings, like “Leave this book alone,” and, “Do not provoke.” Fans of the Evil Dead franchise will agree that’s good advice—unless waggbag is interested in fighting demon-possessed Deadites with a chainsaw. 

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The Necronomicon is a Lovecraftian invention, but most pop culture fans know it from The Evil Dead movies, and more recently the TV show Ash vs. Evil Dead on Starz. 

According to legend, the book is bound in human skin and inked in blood, and reading from it can release demons into the world. This version, however, is bound in leather, and was ordered from custom book shop Turn The Page Journals on Etsy. Inside are some appropriately creepy drawings done in red ink. (The shop owner noticed the Reddit post and even offered a discount for others looking to get their hands on a copy.) 

Army of Darkness

While not exactly the real deal, you can’t be too safe when opening a cursed book. Here’s hoping waggbag spoke the right words before removing it from the box. 

Sarah Weber

Sarah Weber

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