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a person writing bad comments on a website Top European court rules that websites aren't liable for mean comments
You can't force a European website to delete a comment just because it hurts your feelings.
YouTube logo Google takes a stand for YouTube users caught up in fair-use fights
It will defend some YouTube users against DMCA claims in court.
US flag with wifi symbols TPP trade deal: Here's what the Internet hates so far
The 'biggest trade deal you've never heard of' is knocking at the door. What will it mean for your Internet use?
US flag dripping blue into bars Full TPP text finally released
Clocking in at 30 chapters, who's ready to read it?
copyright office Library of Congress issues new copyright rules legalizing car and TV hacking
The updates to a major copyright law only last for three years, at which point they may be renewed.
TPP Protest What is TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership?
And what's up with that 'fast track' gizmo?