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mothman Why Mothman memes are taking over Tumblr
Tumblr is obsessed with Mothman, but he's way less creepy than you might expect.
slenderman-1-708110.jpg (590×406) Teen stabs mother in copycat 'Slender Man' attack
A 13-year-old girl allegedly stabbed her mother while wearing a white mask after reading about the recent Slender Man attacks.
slenderman-1-708110.jpg (590×406) The man behind 'Slender Man' speaks out over Wisconsin stabbing
Eric Knudsen never guessed that his urban legend would play a part in real-world horror.
slender-man-chalk.jpg (1440×720) 12-year-old girls accused of stabbing friend in attempt to summon 'Slender Man'
The girls claim that they stabbed their friend as an offering to Slender Man.
SJ2cmYe.jpg (1280×989) An illustrated guide to the Internet's nightmares
This is what the Internet's creepy stories look like. 
SCP-173.jpg (JPEG Image, 1200 × 981 pixels) - Scaled (63%) Meet the secret foundation that contains the world's paranormal artifacts
What is the SCP Foundation, and what is it protecting and containing?
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