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slender man 5 things you probably didn't know about the Slender Man stabbing
A new documentary uses the Slender Man stabbing to investigate how the Internet can affect children.
slender man 'The Black Tapes' is a 'Serial'-style podcast that will scare your socks off
If you like being terrified, this horror documentary series is definitely the podcast for you.
Someone built a Super Mario Maker level that will give you nightmares
"Will you save your son?" may seem like a simple question, but in this harrowing Mario level, it's anything but.
mothman Why Mothman memes are taking over Tumblr
Tumblr is obsessed with Mothman, but he's way less creepy than you might expect.
slenderman-1-708110.jpg (590×406) Teen stabs mother in copycat 'Slender Man' attack
A 13-year-old girl allegedly stabbed her mother while wearing a white mask after reading about the recent Slender Man attacks.
slenderman-1-708110.jpg (590×406) The man behind 'Slender Man' speaks out over Wisconsin stabbing
Eric Knudsen never guessed that his urban legend would play a part in real-world horror.