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Teen stabs mother in copycat ‘Slender Man’ attack

A 13-year-old girl allegedly stabbed her mother while wearing a white mask after reading about the recent Slender Man attacks.


Aja Romano

Internet Culture

Just days after two girls attempted murder as a sacrifice to ‘Slender Man,’ an Internet-created horror meme they thought was real, another girl with the same obsession has allegedly stabbed her own mother.

The anonymous woman told WLWT news in Cincinatti Friday that her 13-year-old daughter dressed in a white mask, waited until she came home, and stabbed her after reading about the recent Slender Man attacks.

“She was someone else during that attack,” said the mother. 

The mother claims that she returned home from work one evening to find her daughter waiting for her in the kitchen, holding a knife and speaking to her about the role she needed to play. Then she attacked, stabbing her mother multiple times.

The teenager suffered from mental health issues and had a history of troubling writing that referenced demons, killing, and “falling into darkness.” Her mother said that she had nurtured a particular obsession with the Slender Man mythos, writing about him and creating an entire world dedicated to him in Minecraft.

The woman believed that her daughter was encouraged to commit the attack after learning about last week’s attack by two Wisconsin children on a third girl, which they believed would cause Slender Man to spare their families and take them to his mansion. 

“We do have to police what they do and what they read,” the mother said.

The mother was treated for minor injuries to her face, neck, and back. Her daughter remains in custody at a juvenile detention center, and will be tried as a juvenile.

The mother says the girl claims to have no memory of what happened in the attack.

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