Syfy’s creepypasta-inspired ‘Channel Zero’ is here to freak you out

channel zero syfy

Screengrab via Syfy/YouTube

Just in time for Halloween.

Slenderman has now made vague appearances in Law and Order and American Horror Story, so it was only a matter of time before Hollywood started pillaging its birthplace, creepypasta

Slenderman, and many other internet-age boogeyman, became popular in this online forum for scary stories, and today Syfy released the first promo for its creepypasta-informed series, Channel Zero

The anthology series’s first six episodes are influenced by the 2009 story “Candle Cove,” which is about a kids’ show from the ’70s that gives certain people the same shared nightmare and might not really exist at all. 

Watch some other preview clips here to get extra creeped out. 

Channel Zero debuts Oct. 11. 

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