You can finally zoom in on Instagram photos, but only if you have an iPhone


Photo via felipe_gabaldon (CC-BY)

No need to squint at your phone.

Is your friend wearing a dress with a tiny badger pattern? Does your sister’s new boyfriend have green eyes? Is that the Statue of Liberty in the background of your mom’s Instagram video? Thanks to Instagram’s newest update, you can home in on the finer details of every post on your feed without needing to squint at your device.

Beginning today, iOS users will have access to a brand-new zoom feature, one that lets you get up close and personal with your contacts’ photos and videos. Simply pinch the screen to zoom in on posts in your feed, on profiles, and on Explore.

Instagram has been steadily upgrading its service to make itself the go-to app for your photo-and-video-sharing needs, beginning with the ability to upload photos in both portrait and landscape orientations, followed by the flexibility to upload video footage up to a full minute.

Android users, don’t fret—according to the company’s announcement, the feature will roll out for the platform “in the coming weeks,” so in the meantime, you can get used to Snapchat’s Instagram’s Stories function.

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