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The 10 most online discourses of 2022

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Tiffany Kelly

Internet Culture

Posted on Dec 31, 2022   Updated on Jan 3, 2023, 8:59 am CST



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🗣️ 10 Dominant Internet Discourses In 2022

1) The Slap

The Oscars slap seems like a million years ago, but it happened in the spring. For about a week, every social media feed was full of discourse about the event. A cursed time. 

2) Nepo babies

Look, being a nepo baby is not bad. But this year, people just wanted nepo babies to recognize where they came from. 

3) Swedish people not feeding guests

A viral tweet turned into a massive international cultural discourse about people in Sweden reportedly not feeding guests, a practice that people who have been trained to always serve any house guest could not fathom.

4) Oliva Wilde’s salad dressing

This was during the height of the Don’t Worry Darling drama. Do celebs really fight over homemade salad dressings? It remains a Hollywood mystery.

5) ‘Writers don’t have to read’

One person became the Twitter main character multiple times this year, and it all started over a tweet that said mocking writers who don’t read much was “ableist.” 

6) The fall of the Wife Guy

The “Wife Guy” was once seen as a beloved public figure—a man who really a truly loved his wife. Then some Wife Guys got caught up in scandals, and the term became an insult.  

7) To be or not to be a housewife

With the influx of “day in the life of” TikTok videos, people were exposed to the modern lives of stay-at-home wifes and girlfriends. Naturally, that led to discourse—again—about if housewives are really happy.

8) Chili for neighbors

A woman posted a Twitter thread about making chili for her neighbors who order take-out a lot, and people had strong opinions about it!

9) Garden coffee woman

A woman tweeted about drinking coffee each morning with her husband in their garden—what could go wrong? People angry that they can’t spend their mornings as the couple does.

10) By age 30

What should your life look like by age 30? Well, some people are the internet are here to tell you, and it always leads to heated discussions. The real answer? It should look like however you want it to look.

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*First Published: Dec 31, 2022, 6:00 am CST