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People in quarantine are now ‘learning to dog’

‘How long do you do this? Do you do this all day?’


Stacey Ritzen

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People stuck at home in coronavirus quarantine are picking up all kinds of new skills. For some, this means learning to make bread or knitting. For others, it means learning to dog.

Learning to dog, you say? Well, given that our furry friends spend literally all of their time indoors—save for walks, trips to the dog park, vacations, and so on—you would have to imagine dogs have this whole shelter-in-place thing down.

To that point, TikTok user Brianna Storey (@briannastorey) uploaded a video of herself spending some quality time learning to dog with her pup, adding the helpful text overlay noting: “Quarantined with your dog.”

“So do we like, bark at other dogs, or just like people walking by?” Storey asked her dog in the clip. “And how long do you do this? Do you do this all day?”

In the space of just one week, the video gained over 1.2 million “likes,” and inspired others to learn to dog. Former Bachelorette contestant Kaitlyn Bristowe quickly jumped on the bandwagon, using the original audio from Storey’s post. “How does this work,” Bristowe captioned the clip.

As did model and Victoria’s Secret Angel Jasmine Tookes. “What feels like day 53736 of quarantine,” she added.

Singer-songwriter Jason Derulo also joined the “learning to dog” party with one of his dogs, adding his own audio but loosely sticking to the script. “So, do we need to bark at other dogs, or people walking by too? How long do you usually do this for? All day?”

As the videos continued to go viral, plenty of others added their own contributions—mostly using Storey’s original dialogue.

Let’s just hope all these people learning to dog remember the canine doldrums when they’re finally able to leave their homes again. In the meantime, your dog is probably just happy to have you around.


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