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The ‘Honest Couple’ Instagram account is brutally hilarious

If every couple was this honest, Instagram would be way more fun.


David Britton

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Posted on Oct 21, 2018   Updated on May 21, 2021, 3:37 am CDT

Every couple, no matter how great they may seem from the outside, has issues they have to deal with in their relationship. People argue, they forget anniversaries, they keep secrets from each other. It doesn’t mean they aren’t in love; it just means they are human, and therefore not perfect.

Of course, you’d never figure that out by scrolling through Instagram, where it appears every couple is sickeningly happy and always on a beach. But one account on the platform is injecting a few dark clouds into the bright blue sky that is couple Instagram pictures. It’s called “Honest Couple,” and, despite being around less than a year, it’s already racked up nearly 37,000 followers, who can’t enough of the account’s dark humor.

Some of the posts are short and (not so) sweet.







While others are more elaborate, or even full-blown stories.







Most of the pictures come from user submissions, but occasionally the account delves into the world of celebrity couples, of both the real and fictional variety.













(Sorry you didn’t really just see that. Move along and pretend it never happened.)

“People are full of shit, especially online,” the account’s author (who wishes to remain anonymous for now) told the Daily Dot via email. “It’s a projection of what people want others to think their life is like, but it’s obviously false. And to some degree, harmful. Why can’t people just be honest? The dishonesty makes so many people feel inferior that their lives don’t measure up to this false sense of happiness that is impossible to achieve. Also, I’m tired of people posting how much they love their significant others and then breaking up a week later.”

As we mentioned, the majority of pictures come from user submissions, and the account’s author isn’t trying to roast anyone who isn’t asking for it. Anyone can submit a photo, but the account asks that you have the permission of everyone in the picture first.

“One time a woman sent a photo of her and her boyfriend, and we posted it,” the author told us, “and he had no idea she had sent it in, so he reported us and we got a warning from Instagram.”

“I try to be rigorous but can’t always be sure,” the account’s author explained. “There are so many submissions.”


Despite a few unintentionally hurt feelings, the account’s author feels like what they are doing is helpful overall. While the captions themselves might be fictitious, the sentiments behind them are very real. They might not apply to the couples in the pictures, but they definitely ring true for some of the people reading them. Acknowledging those feelings can be really a positive thing, and step towards correcting whatever is wrong. Besides, it’s also very funny.

“Honesty is helpful for everyone because it makes everyone else feel less fucked up that they are going through the same shit,” the author explained. “Relationships are intensely hard and pretending they aren’t is silly. But as long as people pretend, there is humor to be mined. So keep being fake. It’s fun to make fun of!”

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*First Published: Oct 21, 2018, 8:00 am CDT