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Brexit supporter Boris Johnson becomes prime minister—spawning lots of memes

The Trump comparisons came swiftly.


Siobhan Ball

Internet Culture

Well, it finally happened. Boris Johnson was elected UK’s prime minister on Tuesday, replacing Theresa May. The conservative politician, who previously served as foreign secretary and mayor of London, is a strong advocate of BrexitOn Twitter, people are reacting to the announcement with memes

Some of them got personal.

With a great take on Johnson’s own reaction to the news.

And, of course, people are sharing Simpsons memes. Can’t ignore the classics.

Ireland Simpsons Fans, who tweet a lot about Brexit, had one of their own.

This Stranger Things clip is honestly a pretty good summation of what’s happening right now.

As well as this Beetlejuice reference.

Despair is another big focal point of these memes.

And some of us are feeling a tad nervous.

With justifiable alarm for free health services.

Looks like Larry’s not overly thrilled about his new owner, either.

Twitter user @DaleksGamertag, who apparently dances to political events, had to make one for this.

The comparisons between Donald Trump and Boris Johnson kicked off almost immediately after the news was announced.

And there were quite a few “clown” memes.

The #indieref supporters—people wanting a referendum for Scottish independence—are back, too.

Poor Boris is apparently not off to a great start.

Meanwhile, as one person pointed out, “British politics is about to get a hell of a lot more entertaining.”


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