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Nerds and emo put ‘good girls bad guys’ challenge on the map
Warning: This song will be in your head for weeks.
Behold Dumpster Whale, the dead whale that didn’t fit into a dumpster
A dark, concerning story that is very 2018.
This Muppets-heavy ‘A Star is Born’ trailer is better than the real thing
This muppets version of "A Star is Born" might be the best remake yet.
Hey, Canadian band Stars, are you OK?
Joking or not, do you need to talk?
Serena Williams disrespected in Australia once again, now by footballers in blackface
Perhaps Austrailia has a systemic racism problem?
Kylie Jenner, 21, tries cereal with milk for first time
Twitter is roasting her for it.
Doja Cat already seems determined to distance herself from ‘Mooo!’
Her debut album 'Amala' reveals an artist who’s spent years honing her craft.
Why Twitter is freaking out over whether Bert and Ernie are gay
One show writer says the characters were inspired by his own relationship.
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