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Gina Rodriguez cries over being called anti-Black, gets dragged for ‘fake tears’
'How she wiped off that invisible tear and looked at it!'
Nonbinary NASA intern speaks out against trans military ban
They're receiving praise from their fellow government employees.
‘Gender reveal lasagna’ is as unsettling as it is viral
Villa Italian Kitchen brings the ‘gender reveal lasagna’ unto us.
The Waves and AirPods meme is taking over the internet
Two memes combine to form a mega meme!
Viral video shows an egg getting a hot makeover
This egg's makeup is crackin'.
Did this d*ck-drawing Instagram star steal her gag from a rival runner?
Two influencers named Claire are at odds. But one clearly did it first.
What does IMO mean?
The acronym is very helpful to get your opinion across.
This computer-generated Insta model looks staggeringly real
Imma stop you right there—this model isn't real.
Facebook is creating a meme feature to bring back the teens
Facebook has been reportedly testing it for months.
Bikini Kill reunion show sale proves the internet is still hell for live music fans
Fans of the punk band were at the mercy of the Live Nation/AXS stranglehold.
There are apparently ASMR videos for role-playing with a fictional boyfriend
These videos straddle the line between creepy and cute.
Ariana Grande’s new single ‘7 Rings’ has Twitter feeling broke
'I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.'
Twitter faces backlash for insensitive ‘triggers’ joke
Users with PTSD say the joke makes fun of traumatic stress.
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