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Billie Eilish fans riot after being referred to as ‘Avocados’
'Are Billie fans called ... avocados???'
Beyhive coming for Sainsbury’s supermarket over Ivy Park shade
The British supermarket chain joked that Beyoncé's new clothing line looks like its uniforms.
Actress slammed for ‘acid attack-face’ TikTok challenge
'This is disgusting! Acid attack is not a makeup look.'
Space Force uniforms relentlessly mocked, memed
The first look at the uniforms is here.
Blue Bell ice cream licker pleads guilty
D’Adrien Anderson has requested probation instead of a year in jail.
Governor bans sex puns on free condom wrappers
The ''offensive packaging' didn't get proper approval.
TikTok dudes are dipping their balls in soy sauce for ‘science’
No, your balls probably can't taste food. That hasn't stopped dudes from dipping.
Trump’s latest impeachment tweet inspires perfect meme
Deepfake app turns you into your favorite GIFs
Doublicat utilizes artificial intelligence to swap users' faces with those of celebrities.
Teen’s TikTok sends powerful message about domestic violence
The video shows the bruises on her face progressively growing.
‘OK boomer’ meme makes it to the Supreme Court
It's not all fun and games and 'OK boomers.'
Time magazine gave Jared Kushner curves
The unnaturally thin belly area has become a meme.
Teen moms, and their hilarious photos, are all the rage on TikTok
The early years, especially for young parents, are a struggle. This Simple Plan-soundtracked trend looks back.
This guy said he was going to be on John Oliver—was it just a scam?
PR professional claims he was trolled, possibly by the shady internet service he keeps talking about.
Angel Mamii and John Dees conquered TikTok. Now what?
The creative duo discuss their weirdly unique brand of short-form video comedy.
Man’s ‘lady drawer’ stocked for ‘frequent guests’ has people shook
'Do the frequent guests all share that same dildo LMAO.'
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