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Mexicans cheer as dog is pulled safely from collapsed building
This dog stands as a symbol of hope following the devastating earthquake in Mexico.
Ivanka Trump opens up about postpartum depression
The internet is divided in its sympathy.
The worst thing on the internet is this dude’s story of freezing off a nipple
A kid allegedly froze his nipple off and flicked it across the room.
This bad take says liberals refusing to date conservatives is why Trump won
That feeling when your hot take is really bad.
Trump praises non-existent African country in speech to African leaders
What a difference one letter can make.
Ivanka Trump is getting blasted for this otherwise normal tweet
Otherwise, this story would be very different.
The DadBag fanny pack gives you the dad bod you never wanted
The DadBag lets you strap on a beer belly whenever you please.
iOS 11’s massive space requirement sends Twitter into a tizzy
Before you can download iOS 11, you may need to free up some storage space first...
Melania Trump threatens to sue over questionable billboards
The billboards were simply misunderstood, according to the organization behind them.
Start the year off on the Dark Side with this cat wars calendar
Cat Wars: the Star Wars-inspired feature film you never received.
A rogue woman is pooping all over the streets of Colorado
This jogger isn't letting a little poop slow her down.