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Ryan Reynolds’ gin company hires Peloton wife for ad
It appears the Peloton wife has ditched her bike for a glass of Aviation Gin.
Twitter users claim Billie Eilish is ‘over’ because she didn’t like Lady Gaga’s meat dress
A vegan saying 'yikes' to a meat dress is high treason to some.
How emotional labor discourse spawned multiple memes
Are you in the right headspace to look at these memes?
The decade in internet scamming
From Yahoo boys to Caroline Calloway, scammers were a big part of the 2010s.
Guy gets mocked for tattoo of Baby Yoda drinking White Claw
'A sadder tattoo there has never been.'
Woman caught her boyfriend cheating through his Fitbit
'His physical activity levels were spiking on the app.'
TikTok admits to hiding content made by fat, LGBTQ, and disabled users
Content created by 'special users' was blocked from the 'for you' page.
Artists get revenge on art-stealing T-shirt bots
The bots aren't smart enough to recognise a trap. Yet.
There’s a lot you can say during sex and also while at Disney World 
'Name something you can say during a Giants game and sex.'
Peloton shows 3 positive emails and a Facebook post to prove its ad wasn’t cringe
The next time you go to mock Peloton, just remember that Heather on Facebook totally loves its advertising.
Subreddit dedicated to dunking on ‘Game of Thrones’ 2019’s most popular TV subreddit
The Freefolk community refuses to kneel to the show's finale.
The internet stans Princess Anne after she refuses to shake Trump’s hand
The Queen gave her that mom look but Anne just shrugged and laughed.
Top Republican says impeachment is about ‘tears in Brooklyn’
It's certainly a claim someone could make.
‘Bachelorette’ star Tyler Cameron falls for Instagrammer trying to fake his death
'Hey guys, can u guys comment RIP in my most recent pic because i want my gf to think i'm dead.'
Teen goes viral for recording TikTok immediately following car crash
They suffered only minor injuries—and got viral fame.
TikTok teens are making ‘Twilight’ videos—and they’re everything
These videos will give you serious flashbacks.
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