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Girl says she was fired over exposing how Panera makes its mac and cheese on TikTok
As it turns out, its mac and cheese isn't as fresh as some thought.
Popular TikTok teens accused of pretending to be gay for clout
They went viral for their cute relationship.
Kamala Harris’ ‘lover’ says Jacob Wohl hired him off Craigslist
The actor thought he was auditioning for a Spike TV show and that everyone was an actor.
Calls to ‘Free Nazanin’ increase after Iran releases jailed British national’s daughter
The Iranian government has held her on charges since 2016.
Deepfake transforms impressionist into 20 celebrities
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robin Williams, Nick Offerman, and more.
The ‘F**king mint’ meme documents the struggle
'Mint condition' takes on a new meaning with this meme.
Jamaican and Bajan Twitter are feuding over Rihanna’s nationality
'Let’s kidnap Rihanna’s nationality, y’all.'
Fatboy Slim remixed Greta Thunberg’s UN speech
Climate change is 'right here, right now.'
‘Don’t buy the Sun’ rallying cry reemerges amid WAG feud
This isn't the first time the paper's ethics have come into question.
This dude’s Twitter bot lets followers decorate his room
Don't know how to decorate? Let the internet do it for you.
What does ‘vibe check’ mean?
Kind of nothing but also everything?
It looks like everyone is going to be a White Claw for Halloween
The Yandy White Claw-inspired costume sold out in a week.
Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘Joker’ laugh replaced by Seth Rogen’s
Celebrities' laughs are being reimagined as the Joker's for this meme.
Indie game Enchanted Portals accused of ripping off Cuphead
'This game feels almost plagiaristic.'
Vegan reports friends who fed her real chicken nuggets to police
In many states, food tampering is a felony.
How Overwatch’s Mei became a Hong Kong protest symbol
It originated on the r/HongKong subreddit.
G Herbo’s ex claims he has herpes in fiery Instagram rant
Fletcher bypassed diplomacy and went straight to 'nuclear.'
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