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The How Ridiculous YouTubers pit a giant dart vs. 9 slabs of concrete
One thing is certain: Something is getting smashed.
A mountain lion invaded a woman’s living room—she used telepathy to calm it down
She said she used ‘feline-speak eye blinking’ to communicate.
The best Distracted Boyfriend memes
As it turns out, the Distracted Boyfriend is distracted by a lot of things.
Here are the best ‘In My Feelings’ challenge videos
Drake's new song has everyone in their feelings.
How would a snake hold a knife? Twitter seems to have found the answer
Regardless of where you fall in this debate, can we all agree that giving a knife to a snake is a bad idea?
Woodchucks ate Paul Ryan’s car—and Twitter is loving it
'My car was eaten by animals,' said the Speaker.
The giant ‘Trump Baby’ balloon is officially flying over London
Trump said the balloon made him feel 'unwelcome.'
Crop circle awaiting Trump in U.K. says ‘F**k Trump’ in Russian
He'll fly right over it in on his way to London.
This Ariana Grande lollipop meme has people examining their life choices
Find you someone who looks at you like this.
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