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Give your cat the view they deserve with the Kitty Cot
Purr-fect for those creatures of comfort!
Sorry, this lottery winner is not trying to give you $5,000
People who win the lottery don't typically give all their money to strangers on Twitter.
Christmas-loving dogs refuse to let man throw out tree
These dogs really loved their Christmas tree.
‘Milkshake duck’ is this Australian dictionary’s word of the year
The phrase started in 2016 with a Twitter joke.
YouTube bro makes his own edible Tide Pods—and you can too
It takes 2 days, several boxes of gelatin, and a lot of whiskey.
‘The Good Place’ celebrates the Jaguars’ miraculous playoff run
Jason believed in the Jaguars before any of us did.
This new Google app lets you find your Renaissance art doppelgänger
Find your doppelganger, hanging in a museum.
Adorable dog tries to cheer up showering owner with bathtub toy
Clark, a Mini Goldendoodle, just wants his owner to have a good time.
‘Swatting’ suspect charged with involuntary manslaughter
He's denied responsibility for the man's death.
How 1,000 words about a kids’ show became a hot new meme
This summary of a kids' show is Reddit's most popular comment right now.
Fallout trolls Trump, says it sent fictional armor to Norway
Now that Norway has Fallout's T-60 Power Armor, can anything stop them?
Marco Rubio’s feckless response to Trump earns the internet’s ire
Rubio mailed it in here—and people didn't like it.
The best memes of 2018
It's going to be a great year for memes.
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