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Jack Dorsey’s own user base blasts him after he asks for advice on Twitter
Does Jack himself even know how to use Twitter?
Kenny G hijacked a Delta flight to play some smooth sax
Kenny G played some sax at 30,000 feet to raise money for the American Cancer Society.
Mia Khalifa doesn’t have HIV, but she does have a problem with a fake news site
Rumors started and she needed to put them to rest.
Woman goes viral for using boyfriend’s balls to apply makeup
This new trick replaces your makeup brush with your boyfriend's testicles.
Why ‘13 Reasons Why’s theme of suicide is now a controversial meme
Should the line from '13 Reasons Why' be a meme?
Chelsea Clinton had the perfect response to SNL cast member’s awkward Hillary joke
Clinton didn't need a comedy writer for this comeback.
Trump tweets curious video celebrating release of Egyptian-American from Cairo
Aya Hijazi, 30, is a charity worker who was imprisoned three years ago.
Ronald Reagan’s son says that women are basically asking to be sexual harassed
You would think someone would know to never say this.